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Martha Cahilll 1 year ago


Great concept. Excellent web site. I hope you expand, especially to ski areas.


Janice Gordon 1 year ago


I traveled a long distance to help my very sick niece so she could recover enough to fly home. She needed a wheelchair at a hotel for two days. I immediately found Cloud of Goods on the internet. Not only was it easy to navigate, but I chatted online and called too with followup questions. What can I say? At this tremendously difficult time, these arrangements were easy. And then the drop off and pick up services were seamless, and the wheelchair itself was excellent. Lastly, the cost was so reasonable. If there's a need again, I will remember this positive experience!


DR Rawson 1 year ago


The mail office failed to give the driver the right information. Otherwise a 5 star. Ryan, their person that delivers is great. Very helpful. I give him six stars.


Ivette Mcconnell 1 year ago


They are very accommodating on the delivery n pick up times. The only problem I had was that the heavy duty scooter was a little uncomfortable n the seat was a difficult to remove. Other than that, I will use them when I travel up north to Orlando .


Gilbert Baybayan 1 year ago


Hi, I was told that I would be notified by text when the mobile was dropped off. It arrived the night I ordered it but received the notification the following day in the morning, after I had called the front desk at 7am if it was there. I love the convenience of the drop-off and pick up and it’s speed. The only drawback was when I backed up it didn’t have a back up sound, while the horn itself barely was heard. Other than those, I would gladly use the services again in the future.


Diane Darbin 1 year ago


It was difficult to make some turns. The turning wasn't too sharp.


Michele Fox 1 year ago


It was hard getting in touch with anyone when we needed assistance.


Sue Li Jue 1 year ago


Super!! Gino was a huge help and taught me everything about the scooter. I was able to take it apart and put it back together so that my mom could have it while going to see the sites. She loved it!! Thanks for a very easy and positive experience:)


Lizette Alonso 1 year ago


The item was a bit ran down, but the process was very smooth. Thank you!


Skyler Gibson 1 year ago


The rates were comparably the best for the same scooter. There was no delivery fee as long as I went by their delivery time windows. The booking process was easy. The scooter was delivered earlier than expected and was helpful to be dropped off early. On day 2 of our rental we thought we lost our key. The customer service was helpful in getting a new key delivered to us at the Theme Park with a reasonable fee. This saved the trip for us. Thank you Cloud of Goods.

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