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DR Rawson

7 months ago

The mail office failed to give the driver the right information. Otherwise a 5 star. Ryan, their person that delivers is great. Very helpful. I give him six stars.


Ivette Mcconnell

7 months ago

They are very accommodating on the delivery n pick up times. The only problem I had was that the heavy duty scooter was a little uncomfortable n the seat was a difficult to remove. Other than that, I will use them when I travel up north to Orlando .


Gilbert Baybayan

7 months ago

Hi, I was told that I would be notified by text when the mobile was dropped off. It arrived the night I ordered it but received the notification the following day in the morning, after I had called the front desk at 7am if it was there. I love the convenience of the drop-off and pick up and it’s speed. The only drawback was when I backed up it didn’t have a back up sound, while the horn itself barely was heard. Other than those, I would gladly use the services again in the future.


Diane Darbin

7 months ago

It was difficult to make some turns. The turning wasn't too sharp.


Michele Fox

7 months ago

It was hard getting in touch with anyone when we needed assistance.


Sue Li Jue

7 months ago

Super!! Gino was a huge help and taught me everything about the scooter. I was able to take it apart and put it back together so that my mom could have it while going to see the sites. She loved it!! Thanks for a very easy and positive experience:)


Lizette Alonso

7 months ago

The item was a bit ran down, but the process was very smooth. Thank you!


Skyler Gibson

7 months ago

The rates were comparably the best for the same scooter. There was no delivery fee as long as I went by their delivery time windows. The booking process was easy. The scooter was delivered earlier than expected and was helpful to be dropped off early. On day 2 of our rental we thought we lost our key. The customer service was helpful in getting a new key delivered to us at the Theme Park with a reasonable fee. This saved the trip for us. Thank you Cloud of Goods.


Kelsey Graham

7 months ago

The only reason you missed a 5 star rating is because I had some charging issues. Despite 4 calls to the center, no one bothered to mention where to plug it in correctly to charge. Just dropped a new charger off at the hotel. A small pamphlet with instructions would have been most helpful Otherwise, I loved the scooter and will rent again next month for my next convention. Thank you!


estelle brothers

7 months ago

Easy to use. It was at the hotel when I arrived. Cutomer service was very helpful as was the texting.