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Richard La Scala 1 year ago


Everything worked out perfect! YThank you!


Valissa Thomson 1 year ago


The experience was good, the scooter worked really well, I was well informed of drop off and pick up times. It didnt help that I had to personally be there but that is out of your hands. The only thing I would say is the scooter I rented was the regular one, which wasnt the best suited for my height and using it all day. I adjusted to the best of my ability but it was still a little tough on my shoulders.


Beth Johnson 1 year ago


I had a good experience renting from your company.


Lisa Westover 1 year ago


Delivery & pickup were great. But the battery did not last only about 5 to 6 hours an that was not using it all the time. We had to take it to be recharged.


Dawn Conrad 1 year ago


Clean each one after use please when I pick up up first one it was filthy returned for a clean one


Ryan Lewis 1 year ago


Very smooth delivery and pickup. Stroller was good quality as well. Only complaint is that they came and picked up earlier than we had requested.


Pam Marcantel 1 year ago


It was wonderful. We will use you again in the future if needed!


Carrie Weyrauch 1 year ago


The renting experience was great EXCEPT for the learning curve on assembling and disassembling. A laminated instruction card included with chair would be great!


Donna Furon 1 year ago


It was great - there was no charge for drop off or pick up. It was there on time; it worked well. Staff were courteous and helpful.


Keith Williams 1 year ago


The communication could’ve been better, for the original drop off. Also, the scooter did not hold a charge very well the first day and nearly left us stranded on the Vegas Strip. However, the rest of the time went well. Just want to make sure the scooter is fully charged before drop off

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