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RJ Stone

3 weeks ago

The original scooter did not hold a charge. Everything else from ordering to delivery replacement and pick up went well. Only negative was the detective first scooter.


stephen Smock

3 weeks ago

Nothing was wrong with the scooter and it operated as expected. It was a little tattered with cracks and rub marks but that is to be expected I guess. Scooter was delivered on time and picked up shortly after I texted to let them know it was there at the hotel. Overall good experience


Jag Rai

3 weeks ago

Great service.


Diana Richey

3 weeks ago

The scooter was at my hotel when I checked in as promised. Very good experience with Cloud of Goods and would rent another scooter from them when I'm in the area. Thanks again.


Cindy Civish

4 weeks ago

The scooter wouldn’t make very sharp turns through the park's lines. Some other local companies I have rented with had scooters with a better turn radius and a little more speed. Otherwise a great experience!


Kristin Singleton

4 weeks ago

Super easy and convenient. The front wheel had some issues and would flop around if we went too fast and then got super squeaky on the second day of use. Our hotel had some WD40 to fix the squeak, and we went on our way. Would do this again. Worth not having to pack a stroller.


June Scafidi

1 month ago

I was a little disappointed that I was unable to leave the scooter at the hotel for pick up. It made us have to break up the day by going back to return the scooter. Other than that it was a great rental. Thanks.


Richard La Scala

1 month ago

Everything worked out perfect! YThank you!


Valissa Thomson

1 month ago

The experience was good, the scooter worked really well, I was well informed of drop off and pick up times. It didnt help that I had to personally be there but that is out of your hands. The only thing I would say is the scooter I rented was the regular one, which wasnt the best suited for my height and using it all day. I adjusted to the best of my ability but it was still a little tough on my shoulders.


Beth Johnson

1 month ago

I had a good experience renting from your company.