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Kelsey Graham 1 year ago


The only reason you missed a 5 star rating is because I had some charging issues. Despite 4 calls to the center, no one bothered to mention where to plug it in correctly to charge. Just dropped a new charger off at the hotel. A small pamphlet with instructions would have been most helpful Otherwise, I loved the scooter and will rent again next month for my next convention. Thank you!


estelle brothers 1 year ago


Easy to use. It was at the hotel when I arrived. Cutomer service was very helpful as was the texting.


Linda Jones 1 year ago


My mom really enjoyed having that scooter! All thumbs up


Ruth Carroll 1 year ago


Batteries were not charged when delivered and spent saturday having to stop and charge frequently.


Alicia Scott 1 year ago


We had a bit of confusion with the scooter being dropped of but other then that it was great to have to drive around Disneyland! It lasted all day without needing charge!


Holly Loftis Easson 1 year ago


Service and flexibility of this company were definitely 5 star. The only reason I gave 4 stars was because my scooter lost power at the end of the night. The power cord was included but I was not made aware that I should have plugged it in earlier in the day as the power indicator stated it was at full charge. The battery indicator showed medium charge for approx. 5 min then it died without warning. However, I still recommend this company and will definitely use in the future.


Jackie Shorts 1 year ago


We had to find outlets at Disneyland to charge the scooters which was inconvenient that they would not last all day.


Caitlin O'Kelly 1 year ago


Good quality stroller, and was very clean. The only thing that didn't go as planned was that the delivery was late.


Leah VonMoss 1 year ago


The delivery was great, unfortunately one of the brakes was not functioning properly. At first it would not engage and later it kept sitting on the tire.


Tora Conklin 1 year ago


The day we got our stroller it was scheduled to be dropped off between 7 and 730. I got a call around 530 saying he would be there in 15 min. I left a dinner reservation to meet him at the hotel for pickup. He ended up taking an additional 20 min, causing me to miss our dinner altogether.

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