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Maria Corrales

10 months ago

Great service !


Lee-Ann Stefureak

10 months ago

I meant 5 stars! So convenient and professional. I was so happy that I didn’t have ay issues. Having a love one needing a wheel chair to get around is challenging and you made it sure VERY Easy! Thank you!


Crystal Farias

10 months ago

Excellent! Such a great experience for stroller delivery in Las Vegas with my 3 year old! Thank you again!



10 months ago

Convenient and affordable pricing


Emma Setaro

10 months ago

Great experience with cloud of goods! We rented a stroller for my 5 year old while visiting Disney. Delivery and pick-up were seamless and customer service was 5 star. I would definitely use them next time we’re in need of a stroller for a family trip.


Sharon Frejomil

10 months ago

Excellent! Very happy with out rental. Comfortable and long lasting battery charge. A+


Breana Pennington

10 months ago

The scooter was great. Worked well for 5 days in the park. The only thing that keeps this from a 5 star review is 2 things. First I booked the scooter online but I did not find out our Airbnb was outside their delivery area until the day before pickup. They were excellent with communication after we discovered this problem and we met at Disney springs instead. The only other thing was the delivery guy. He was very friendly but did not show me anything about the scooter. I figured it out but 2 minutes of help would have saved me some aggravation. Overall an excellent experience and I would recommend.


Ruben De la Cerda

10 months ago

Great experience! Would do it again for sure!


Brandon Pineda

10 months ago

Process and communication were great. Only complaint was the stroller didn't have padding on the handle where you push on the left side, so the entire week I had to push kids around using just the metal rod. It was fine, but did start to get sore after a few days. Would have been perfect if the stroller was in better condition.


Mike eddington

10 months ago

very good company