Perla Jones 1 day ago


Kim was great, so easy to work with and the stroller super clean.


Lisa Hanna 1 day ago


Very nice support staff, easy to get in touch with


Virginia Botica 2 days ago


I am such a worry wart But Mario Sanchez took all that off my table as far as getting what I wanted when I wanted it and getting it back to him when I was finished with it. I ordered a huge scooter for my cruise but Mario suggested I get the smaller one because I was on a cruise ship. I'm so glad he knows his business so well! I would have been so unhappy with a larger scooter. Those ship halls are very small. The one he suggested worked out perfectly and I never ran out of battery (which was why I ordered the big one...I was worried about it not having enough battery to go as long as I might need). Mario told me not to worry because he'd make everything run as smooth as possible, and he did. I picked up the scooter at the ship, rode it onboard and on excursions, and dropped it off right outside the ship and was off to the airport. Never should I have worried, but I am a worry wart. He made everything so very easy. I will always use Cloud of Goods for whatever reason when I need a scooter! Mario was great! Thank you Mario!! See you for my next cruise!!


Peggy Kamphausen 2 days ago


Claire (beautiful British accent) was so helpful, accommodating and absolutely lovely.


Fedelita Homstad 4 days ago


Dave Brown understood our needs. He was there for us, all the way. My husband and I appreciate the service he provided.


JOHN WAALKES 5 days ago


Guys were great to order from. Delivered on time and pick up was awesome. Definitely order again.


Christine Butler 5 days ago


Great customer service


Eileen Mucha 6 days ago


Always easy and convenient with them. I recommend highly.


Peggy Chobot 6 days ago


I was charged for 2 scooters but only rented 1.


Patricia Thompson 1 week ago


Pick up and drop off excellent. Had an issue with battery going from full to empty in 15 minutes. Had to walk it back to my hotel room which was defeating the point of having a chair