Customer reviews

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Jo Ann Steelman

2 months ago

Great Service


Jeanetta Servos

2 months ago

My only issue was the battery wouldn't charge, but it lasted until you picked it up.


Douglas Shibla

2 months ago

Fantastic. Wheel chair was there with a text message letting us know where to get. It was in perfect condition. Drop it back off in hotel where we got it


Pierre Michel Alfonzo

2 months ago

Everything was perfect!


brandi cruz

2 months ago

Great service and even better pricing. Scooter ran a full day around Knotts with plenty of charge left after a 12 hour day.


Robin Oglesby-Harris

2 months ago

Had a great experience, Constant communication. The scooters battery life is long. And they are reasonably priced. I will use them again.


Renee Vigil

2 months ago

The use of your scooter made my stay so much more enjoyable!


Oral Capps

2 months ago

A pleasure to work with for the rental on the wheelchair. No issues whatsoever


Adrian Ramos

2 months ago

Wonderful service


Jennifer Husser

2 months ago

great pricing, great delivery service Thank You.