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Jennifer Rubio 1 year ago


The process of renting the scooter and having it dropped off/picked up was great! The only thing that would have been helpful is a manual or guide about how to better operate and charge the scooter, as our scooter started to die a couple of times when we thought it was fully charged.


Peggy Crowley 1 year ago


Great service. Great scooter. Mario was terrific


Lora Werner 1 year ago


We finished the rental online and they arrived within 5 minutes. Great care to show us how to use the machine and we were able to leave it for them to pick up when we were done. Great company. Would most certainly use again.


Jo Ann Steelman 1 year ago


Great Service


Jeanetta Servos 1 year ago


My only issue was the battery wouldn't charge, but it lasted until you picked it up.


Douglas Shibla 1 year ago


Fantastic. Wheel chair was there with a text message letting us know where to get. It was in perfect condition. Drop it back off in hotel where we got it


Pierre Michel Alfonzo 1 year ago


Everything was perfect!


brandi cruz 1 year ago


Great service and even better pricing. Scooter ran a full day around Knotts with plenty of charge left after a 12 hour day.


Robin Oglesby-Harris 1 year ago


Had a great experience, Constant communication. The scooters battery life is long. And they are reasonably priced. I will use them again.


Renee Vigil 1 year ago


The use of your scooter made my stay so much more enjoyable!

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