David Gumucio 1 year ago


Once I finally could talk to someone it went pretty well. I’ll do it again next year


Rickie Milam 1 year ago


Excellent customer service


Richard Banda 1 year ago


Great and easy way to ret a scooter. I would use cloud of goods again.


Alannah Giannone 1 year ago


I loved the pricing and delivery! The service was amazing as well however one major problem....my wheelchair did com with stirrups/slats for my feet to rest on. I had to either sit cross cross apple sauce which hurt my injured leg or just let my feet drag on the floor. Seemed totally pointless to get a wheel chair in the first place of your feet just end up dragging in the dirt and you can’t rest your injured leg!


Steve Carpio 1 year ago


It was the best! Thank You!


David Kapelanski 1 year ago


Delivery and Pick-up of rental wheelchair was done to perfection!


John Kazmaier 1 year ago


The scooter was delivered on time as promised, was in great shape, and served our needs perfectly! In addition, the drivers at both drop off and pick up were polite and professional and super helpful. They made sure everything was in working order before leaving.


Patricia Dillon 1 year ago


The scooter was great--the battery lasted all day--we did not need to use the charger that was provided. Text messages were provided so we knew when and where to expect the delivery and pickup.


Margaret York 1 year ago


The web ordering was confusing but when I called they were very nice and helpful.


Lorraine Caldara 1 year ago


Thought I had a wonderful experience with this company. So easy and made my trip so much more enjoyable