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Sarah McIntire

10 months ago

Renting a stroller makes the trip so easy! I don’t have to worry about hauling a stroller through the airport but one is waiting for me at the front desk of the hotel. Thank you!


Kelly Johnson

10 months ago

Super convenient! New way to travel without having to worry about packing a bulky stroller.


Bridget Campbell

10 months ago

Experience with drop off and pick up was great. The stroller I received was a little beat up right at the bottom of the seat where my little ones legs could’ve scratched it. Wish you would’ve done a sew or patch job. Other then that, the stroller was very helpful and we were happy to not add it to our luggage going back home lol


James Stroud

10 months ago

I received a 4 wheel scooter but I requested a 3 wheel scooter, big difference in tight spaces that’s why I wanted a 3 wheel, I’ve used them in the past, other than that had a great time thank you your driver was on time he notified us about what time he would be here and was thank you


Lauren Almeida

10 months ago

So easy, convenient and a great price. Will 100% use again


Scott Palsgrove

10 months ago

Easy and fast to set up and receive delivery.


Barb Brammer

10 months ago

Very flexible, friendly, and on time. Great equipment. Thank you


Diana Treinen

10 months ago

Great experience! Would definitely use again.


Molly Drew

10 months ago

Drop off and pick up were very smooth and easy and staff were very helpful and pleasant. The stroller was not of the best quality and was difficult to maneuver.


Maria Chavez-Torres

10 months ago

Love the ease and convenience of this service. Drop off and pick up was done at the hotel. Thank you!