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Oral Capps 1 year ago


A pleasure to work with for the rental on the wheelchair. No issues whatsoever


Adrian Ramos 1 year ago


Wonderful service


Jennifer Husser 1 year ago


great pricing, great delivery service Thank You.


carolina londono 1 year ago


Great experience


monica ivonne fernandez 1 year ago




Brittany Perez 1 year ago


So easy and hassle free!!!


Seth illu 1 year ago


Service, delivery, and pickup was awesome! The only thing was The leg scooter I got wasn’t very well suited for Disneyland due to the small tire circumference and the uneven rock/brick side walks they have there. Wish there was an option that was more suited for rough sidewalks.


Cheryl Parrish 1 year ago


I rented this scooter for my brother in law. It made the world of difference for him to get around. I highly recommend Cloud of Goods. It is so easy to rent from them. They deliver your merchandise on time and pick up. I will always use them for rental needs.


Kendra Thomson 1 year ago


So quick and easy! This was by far the best most convienent stress free service I have used! I highly recommend Cloud of Goods.


Sara Mausbach 1 year ago


Excellent!! Everything was spectacular!!

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