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Stephen Moore

1 year ago

Thanks again very easy very prompt great equipment thank you


Scott Smith

1 year ago

We ordered and paid for 2 four wheel scooters and got 1 four wheel and 1 three wheel after confirmation of 2 four wheel scooters.


Rorbert Sheaer

1 year ago

The only problem is when I would turn my off and on it wouldn't start up for minutes


Edvard Lemaire

1 year ago

It was amazing. If it wasn't for your scooter, our trip would have been a disaster. Thank you for your awesome and quick service.


Ryan Hicks

1 year ago

We so appreciated the wonderful car seats we were able to rent during our vacation in Orlando! Cloud of Goods did a great job in initiating contact with us and confirming all of the details of our order. The car seats were in excellent condition (clean!) and worked very well for our children. My only "complaint" is that since we were renting them over the Thanksgiving holiday, it was a bit of a headache trying to return them to the company, as the availability of pick-up drivers was low and our scheduled pick-up time was NOT good (30 minutes before our flight was to leave). However, we appreciated the local driver's willingness to work with us and try his best to accommodate our schedule. We just wish that there would have been more consideration and thought given to the fact that we simply could not wait out at the airport curbside for pick-up during the time that our flight was boarding. But overall, we appreciate the Cloud of Goods company and will consider using them again in the future.


Toni dedic

1 year ago

Nice to know you were there when I Needed you


Richard Pabis

1 year ago

Great Scooter and good service and that is very unusual in Vegas Totally recommend Cloud of Goods but please skip Vegas where customer service is not existent. In the past Las Vegas was call Sin City now more likely is a Scam City.


Tina Rotella

1 year ago

So reliable and attentive. A pleasure to deal with


Kristin Gibson

1 year ago

Great experience!! The scooter was delivered to our son's apartment in New York City where we were visiting. I was recovering from broken ankle surgery, and needed some help in navigating the crowds and extreme walking. We were able to explore the city and even attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade without my slowing the family down. It was wonderful to have the scooter handy! Thanks!!


Mary Arnstein

1 year ago

I was relieved that this service was available in San Francisco. The pick up and drop off were easy (as I was able to retrieve the item from and leave the item with the hotel desk). My only comment is that customer service over the phone was challenging. The connections were poor and I had a hard time communicating even basic information to the customer service representative. The customer service reps tried hard and were pleasant, but seemed to have tech skills/skills other than those required to take information over the phone.