Customer reviews

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Karen Manley

1 year ago

The whole process was so easy. Everything was taken care of for me. I didn’t have to do anything


Fei Yin

1 year ago

Excellent service


Fernando Galvez

1 year ago

The wheel chair was perfect. We didn't have to bring are wheel chair from home and it save us a lot of space in the car. They made it easy for us, they drop it off at our hotel and pick it up.


Kimberly COX

1 year ago

Great, but need the light to work next time...


Richelle dulgerian

1 year ago

Excellent service! delivered and picked up right to our hotel lobby!


Glenn Holeman

1 year ago

Easy and flexible delivery and pick up at our hotel. Thanks


Jon Lundgren

1 year ago

Good service.


Mandy Blodnick

1 year ago

Awesome service!!


Robert Lewis

1 year ago

Scooter arrived on time, easy to use, functioned properly and very useful.


Spencer Schwartzbach

1 year ago

Once some one taught me how to take it apart and put it together everything was great