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Tuhina chakravarti

1 year ago

very convenient , good customer service


Irene Ybadlit

1 year ago

I'm sooo glad that I didn't have to worry about picking up and dropping off the mobile scooter at a different location. As soon as I checked in at the hotel the scooter was ready and waiting for mel. Thank you for the convenience and the scooter was great and easy to use, just wished there was more leg room. Also, the service was fantastic!


Kiersten Winkley

1 year ago

I will always use you guys to rent a stroller for our California vacation. Always great prices, great customer service and all around impressive product!!


Lisa Williams

1 year ago

Your service is a dream come true. A scooter was waiting for me in the hotel when I arrived and was picked up without question at the end of my trip. The scooter itself was fantastic so much that I want one myself for at home. The only comment that I really have about the scooter itself is the crutch and Cane attachment that affects has to the back of the scooter. It will occasionally be in the way and prevent a Mobility van from being able to fully close its door without having first remove the attachment. I don't think that's anybody's fault but it does something to keep in mind it sticks out about 1 inch


Leslie Ramirez

1 year ago

Everything was great, when we arrived to the hotel, the scooter was already there waiting for us, fully charged and ready to go! I would definitely recommend them!!!


Debra Orah

1 year ago

They delivered on time! They ran good and all day. We rented 2. I was told they would break down in 4 pieces and fit in a mini van with passengers. They do not. We fortunately upgraded to a Suberban and the filled literally filled the whole back. Would of never fit into a mini van unless you took out all the seats. They are real heavy and take 2 or 3 people to Lucy into vehicle.


Lauren Darsey

1 year ago

Great stroller!


Paulette Imose

1 year ago

Due to an emergency, I had to extend my rental twice. This was done smoothly and with very little added expense,


Danika Frank

1 year ago

So easy and convenient!


Jamie Wilson

1 year ago

I’m so thankful for this scooter. I couldnt have done it without it. Only thing that I would have liked was a little more leg extension room.