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Elizabeth Sydenham 1 year ago


The scooter made all the difference to my husband's vacation. Thank you for your help.


Lynette Leonard 1 year ago


The representatives were not consistently knowledgeable about the restrictions around NYC. I spoke with one representative who took delivery details that went nowhere, only to call back and find that it is standard to deliver the night before and the hotel will hold it. It was not explained that an electric scooter can not be used in the rain until I called to ask. The good new is the swap to a regular wheelchair was made quickly and the fees adjusted easily.


gayle erb 1 year ago


Always a good experience, prompt delivery and drop off to desired lication and pick up, is a huge benifit.


Lorraine Ryan 1 year ago


Wheelchair arrived on time. It was a Godsend. Due to a recent injury I was unable to walk. My husband “pushed me around” the Vegas Strip. Without it, we could not have attended a show or seen the sights of Vegas. Thank You.


Carol Weigold 1 year ago


Great experience and customer service.


JoAnn Fraction 1 year ago




Regina Brooks 1 year ago


Not once did I loose battery power during our long walks in Vegas. Great experience


lori maxwell 1 year ago


Thank you


Kimberly Adisa 1 year ago


It was way better than the September rental where the scooter was extremely dirty and broken. However if you charge $5cleaning fee the scooter needs to be dropped off clean there was dust along the bottom so it wasn't actually clean when dropped off. I'm disappointed with that part of the rental.


James Berens 1 year ago


The Holy Land experience had problems at their end and your company adjusted to the issues. Well done....

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