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Robert Sams

1 year ago

Always impeccable service!


Jennifer Steel

1 year ago

It was fabulous to arrive at our hotel and the stroller rental was waiting for ud! It was nice to have the option of the stroller being pickef up after our ladt day! I think the only suggestion I have is to allow customers to choose the type/brand of stroller instead of lyck of the draw. If I ever need a sttoller rental again, I will definitely use Cloud of Goods


Marcello Aurora

1 year ago

Great service! We wouldn't have seen so much without it: my 4-year old daughter was happy to sitt and see around on the stroller. If you expect to walk a lot I recommend the jogging stroller: it is a bit more expensive but thanks to its 3 inflated tires makes a way easier driving it in cities' sidewalks and crossroads.


Holly Culbertson

1 year ago

Awesome! Great experience. I would not be able to go to the parks without the scooter! Thank you!


Linda Tischler

1 year ago

Your service and product was fabulous. We were able to see more of Las Vegas because of the wheelchair. You had the chair there before we got there so we didn’t have to worry as well as picking it up I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our vacation because you helped tj make it so easy !!


Raul Martinz

1 year ago

I will use their services again.


Carly Sheridan

1 year ago

Awesome! Easy pick up and drop off! Great service!


phyllis mcginnis

1 year ago

The drop off pick up service was excellent, the scooter worked well, but begin beeping at the end of the evening, fortunately I was able to find a plug to charge it and get it back to the hotel.


Elizabeth Sydenham

1 year ago

The scooter made all the difference to my husband's vacation. Thank you for your help.


Lynette Leonard

1 year ago

The representatives were not consistently knowledgeable about the restrictions around NYC. I spoke with one representative who took delivery details that went nowhere, only to call back and find that it is standard to deliver the night before and the hotel will hold it. It was not explained that an electric scooter can not be used in the rain until I called to ask. The good new is the swap to a regular wheelchair was made quickly and the fees adjusted easily.