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Nicole Babcock 1 year ago


the rental was great and they delivered what i ordered... the only reason im not giving 5 stars is because the pick up at the airport was confusing, now that may be due to tsa issues and security. I would for sure use cloud of goods again!




Excellent service! Love the text confirmation of drop off and pick up.


Sherry Thomas 1 year ago


easy and efficient


Anthony Homer 1 year ago


Perfection. It's truly as easy as it appears! Excellent customer service!


Julie Taylor 1 year ago


Excellent choice for our Las Vegas trip. Very easy to steer wheelchair and it was very light but still comfortable to sit in.


Gwendolyn Brown 1 year ago


Cloud of Goods was a Godsend! In the beginning, we had an issue with the battery, but Cloud of Good quickly responded with minimal interruption of our trip! Thank you!


Katrina Grigo-McMahon 1 year ago


I needed a chair for my Mother who has suffered strokes and has issues walking. The chair was super useful and enabled us to fo way more things together on her visit. I’d like to thank Cloud of goods for quickly exchanging a damaged chair (bolts missing from foot rests) the replacement chair however had only one break working. It was ok, but i think checking the chair through assembly and stepping through features such brakes and foot rest fittings etc would be to your benefit (you’d have saved x2 re delivery costs) I would like to say the overall service and response time is good and professional. Your driver Jeff was exceptiinally good, so please offer special thanks to Jeff who went out of his way to help return and pick up faulty chairs. Please share more info with Jeff like pictures of drop off locations and address confirmations which i had supplied yet did not always teach him in a timely manner


Rodney Hatfield 1 year ago


Great experience! No issues. Maybe a text when the goods have been delivered


Gaston Barboza 1 year ago


Awesome service.


Shea Kummer 1 year ago


Great company for stroller rentals! Had a problem with the wheel the first two days, but overall it was great and very necessary at Disneyworld!

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