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Levi Veo

1 month ago

Great experience, clean stroller worked perfectly and drop off and pick up was stress free.


Chaya Mujahid

1 month ago

Great Price! Great Product!


George Valez

1 month ago

You show up right on time the driver was very nice, And helpful as he give me my wheelchair I could not walk and I very grateful you provide this service, God bless your company it truly was like walking on a cloud


Carol Andrews

1 month ago

The machine was waiting for me when I arrived. It work flawlessly. I used it everyday with plenty of charge for the whole day.


melodie meehan

1 month ago

Delivery and everything was good


Patricia Jones

1 month ago



Kathy Kumbios

1 month ago

The only issue i had was that the headlight had a push button instead of a switch type of on/off. Twice the button was accidentally pushed, but I wasn't able to see that the light was on in the sunshine until after dusk arrived. Both days I was barely able to get back home.


Tamar Barzel

1 month ago

I greatly appreciate the service you provide, the fact that you are open 24/7, could do a rush order, and your prompt delivery and pickup. You helped me out a lot, but my experience had a few glitches. First, I had to call three times: once to place the order, and twice more to receive my confirmation email, which had been sent to the wrong address, apparently twice. Second, you provided me with the wrong type of wheelchair. After discussing my options with the customer service person I spoke to during my first call, I chose the one with 4 wheels of the same size, to make it easier to navigate hilly/grassy terrain (for a gravesite service). You delivered one with two large back wheels and two small front wheels instead. As an addendum, although it is certainly not your responsibility to suggest this to your customers, I found out that my hotel would have provided a wheelchair, free of charge. I don't have any experience in wheelchair rentals, and I didn't think to ask them before calling you. I was still glad for your help and I think this is a great service. I hope this feedback will help to make it even better. Thank you.


Kathryn Beus

1 month ago

Super convenient and just what we needed. Great service and product. They delivered it to our hotel and then allowed us to extend a day. Will use Cloud of Goods again!


Mark Madden

1 month ago

Our drop off time was excellent. The driver showed up at the begging of the window time. However, the driver never showed up for the pickup time within the times slated. I made one call to let them no the driver never showed or called. The person said she would have the driver call with approximate pickup time. No one called. We called 15 mins later and was told by the girl he was on his way. He called and asked if we were finished after we had been waiting almost a half hour. When he showed up he said he did not see a pickup listed for us at Disneyland.