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Liza Alexander

1 month ago

Excellent service! Could t be happier - stroller was waiting for us when we arrived at the hotel and it was easy to leave it with the concierge when we check out. You did all the work for us - THANK YOU!


Joyce Barth

1 month ago

Loved your service, we will use it again! Thank you so much!


Nicole Bradford

1 month ago

Great experience!!


Connie Massey

1 month ago

Thank you for helping me have a great vacation


Howard Logan

1 month ago

This is a great company! I had super conversations with Juan who sent timely reminders and info. Thank you!


Barbara Myrvaagnes

1 month ago

Juan was very helpful.


Staci Dallenbach

2 months ago

Prior to renting we had some questions. We called and got immediate answers. We also emailed for some additional, non-urgent questions and got fast responses. The scooter was dropped off and picked up as indicated. The scooter itself worked well. We rented it for 5 days and had it on for approximately 10-12 hours each day. Not once did the battery level go under 1/2 way, it was always in the green. It was pretty comfortable. The basket comes right off on the front. You can also easily hang a backpack on the back of the seat to store items. It was very easy to use and maneuver. We would definitely use this company and scooter again.


Jennifer Culley

4 months ago

Cloud of Goods was a very easy-to-use service and we highly recommend them! The scooter was at our hotel as promised, ready to go, and was a lifesaver during our visits to Disneyland and California Adventure. It was in great condition and the battery easily lasted whole days at the parks! Loved leaving it at the hotel for pick up too. No fuss! Thank you.


Justess Davis

5 months ago

Great experience. The drop off and pick up process was easy, fast and durable scooter


Gabriel Ancheta

5 months ago

AWESOME experience with this company!!!!! They dropped it off in the morning at my hotel and picked it up at a different location in the late evening!!! They have a variety of scooter and the scooter worked perfectly fine!!! I got this scooter for my dad, and he absolutely loved it!! We had a hard time keeping up with him!!