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Crystal Coffey 1 year ago


Awesome service pleased with service


Susan Hurley 1 year ago


Great service. Highly recommend


Lilia Perez 1 year ago


I was very confortable with the scooter, I have problems walking and it helped a lot.


Janet Bellich 1 year ago


All and all a good experience.


Barbara Parisi 1 year ago




Nancy Taylor 1 year ago


The battery stays charged all day very pleased


Paula Fischer 1 year ago


The battery did not hold up as long as I wanted but I did eventually find places to plug in to recharge a bit.


Norma Robles 1 year ago


Very good experience. Once in a while I needed to wait a bit to get the scooter running when I turned it off and on again. Heavy, but my "helpers", daughter and grandchildren, managed to put it in on out of the vehicle following the delivery person's instructions. Delivery and pickup was awesome. Thank you.


Sandra McCormick 1 year ago


The rental I had would not charge. The key seemed to not connect. I was without the scooter 1-1/2 days. I was promised I would have a replacement overnight. I was really lied to 4 different times before I ever got the replacement. Customer service stinks. I was given a 1 day credit but was without the scooter 1-1/2 days. The convince of the delivery and pick up was great and your local guys were great. The customer service needs lots of help.


Savannah Dekle 1 year ago


Absolutely wonderful! They delivered my equipment promptly, accommodated a change of pickup location without issue, and updated me of delivery/pickup via text. Will definitely rent from them again when we’re in town.

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