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Helen Smalley

11 months ago

Excellent communication from start to finish!!


Nilsa Pagan

11 months ago

Reliable, professional, timely. Courteous when calling for first time. Equipment easy to handle and looked new .


John Brown

11 months ago

Impromptu visit to Vegas and I was able to rent 2 scooters that were delivered the same day we called to order. Great customer service. Scooters were good quality with good batteries.


Hazel williams

11 months ago

Wheelchair arrived on time and your very caring staff rang hotel room to say collect it from reception no problems, thank you.


Jennifer Morreale

11 months ago

The price point could not be beat. The service for pick up and drop off was great. I had some issues with the ECV as the light button on it did not work and the light was stuck on the whole time. This helped to drain the battery quicker. The horn did not work either I believe the two issues were connected. I did call about the issue as it was both a problem and not my responsibility and the person on the other end did not understand my issue as he not proficient in English. Therefore I could not get the issue troubleshooted. Overall though I would rent from them again but ask that the whole ECV be in the best working order it could be.


Vanessa Ampuero

11 months ago

The rental was good although we expected the scooter to break apart into more parts and fit easier into the trunk of a standard car (as informed). Also, the pick-up of the rental was delayed by one day and it was picked up late (after 10pm) the next day it was originally scheduled to be picked up.


Erika Iwanow-Hernandez

11 months ago

We have been using cloud of goods for about 2 years now and we love yhe ease and convenience. Service is always first rate.


Joyce Roberts-Roth

11 months ago

good service... I will certainly use again each time I am int need!!!!


Susan Schmiedel

11 months ago

Service is outstanding!


Judith Carmona

12 months ago

Great experience