George Ball 2 years ago


Cloud of Goods made it so easy for us to rent a motorized scooter for my father who is weeks away from having a knee replacement. Their website is easy to navigate and their customer service is top notch. We would definitely recommend them to our family and friends and will use them again if needed.


Barbara Parisi 2 years ago


Great company


Sally Hazard 2 years ago


Excellent product and service.


Crystal Allison 2 years ago


Great service


Loretta Harden 2 years ago


I was able to get around. Thanks for such a great service that allows me to enjoy the DMV area.


Maria Hartline 2 years ago


The mobility card worked out very well for our family vacation. Thank you


Dizza Heusner 2 years ago


Using Cloud of Goods was the best decision I made for my trip. I didn't have to worry about checking in a stroller for my flight. Pick up and drop off were so easy. I will definitely use this service again when I travel


Douglas Thar 2 years ago


Best scooter from you guys ever. Never lost it’s full charge. Awesome!


William Mahoney 2 years ago


everything worked as it should, They were easy to use and the price was right


Peggy Brake 2 years ago


very good. I did want to mention a mix up. I did call about it. I received my chair on the 7/26. But then received a call on the 30 that the chair had arrived. I called the main number and let them know I already had a chair. I only rented one. I let the hotel know also it was not mine. Hopefully, you picked it up when you picked up my rental.