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Carolyn Williams 1 year ago


Product was successful!!


toriano randle 1 year ago


It was a great experience


Stefani Kelly 1 year ago


Very convenient service!


Paula Meier 1 year ago


I have rented elsewhere before but tried Cloud of Goods for a trip to Las Vegas. They delivered early and picked up late so I didn't have to worry about not having the scooter available. They also delivered to one locale and picked up at another for no extra charge. The damage waiver paid for itself. (A drunk jumped in front of me and broke the fender.) My only issue was the company sign on the back. It was so hot the adhesive melted and made my bag sticky. But that was the weather.


JING LIU 1 year ago


Excellent service!


Francisco Mancillas 1 year ago


Excellent service and delivery !!


Kirstie Cummins 1 year ago


Great experience, just what we needed for our vacation as our teenager required foot surgery right before our vacation and pain free mobility and getting around San Diego was an issue. Great service with both drop off and pickup.


Marsha White 1 year ago


It was hard to tell if I was running low on power. We did have Disney folks charge it for a half hour one night so I didn’t have to push it back to the hotel. After that we searched daily for electrical outlets and charged it daily while in the park when we were down to one red light. Other than that it was great.


Lavonne Davis 1 year ago


Good service - thank you!


Melissa Martinez 1 year ago


It was an amazing and easy experience with no headaches. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Got it to me the same day I ordered it for vacation and extended my time when I needed to. Will use again for sure. Very good prices.

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