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Sally Hazard 1 year ago


Excellent product and service.


Crystal Allison 1 year ago


Great service


Loretta Harden 1 year ago


I was able to get around. Thanks for such a great service that allows me to enjoy the DMV area.


Maria Hartline 1 year ago


The mobility card worked out very well for our family vacation. Thank you


Dizza Heusner 1 year ago


Using Cloud of Goods was the best decision I made for my trip. I didn't have to worry about checking in a stroller for my flight. Pick up and drop off were so easy. I will definitely use this service again when I travel


Douglas Thar 1 year ago


Best scooter from you guys ever. Never lost it’s full charge. Awesome!


William Mahoney 1 year ago


everything worked as it should, They were easy to use and the price was right


Peggy Brake 1 year ago


very good. I did want to mention a mix up. I did call about it. I received my chair on the 7/26. But then received a call on the 30 that the chair had arrived. I called the main number and let them know I already had a chair. I only rented one. I let the hotel know also it was not mine. Hopefully, you picked it up when you picked up my rental.


Sabrina Bishop 1 year ago


Very easy drop off and pick up.


Enrique Martínez loredo 1 year ago


Great !!!!

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