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Paul Flynn

1 year ago

Good service,


Joni Adkins

1 year ago

It was much easier to rent 2 carseats that were delivered to the arrival airport & then returned before our flight than lugging our own through the airport! Thanks


Dorisenna Patterson

1 year ago

Very delightful. Thank you for the experience of using your product.


DR Rawson

1 year ago

Always prompt. Always accommodating. Always nice equipment. DR


Marcia Ashton

1 year ago

I asked for an early delivery to the hotel, and it was no problem. I couldn't have gotten around without the help of that chair, and it facilitated making wonderful memories with my children and grandchildren. The wheelchair was picked up at the hotel as promised. Excellent and caring customer service. Thank you for everything.


Sharon Bienaime

1 year ago

Excellent experience!


Carolyn Harvey

1 year ago



Julie Chase

1 year ago

Stroller was a life saver!! We used it to carry our things and save our 7 year old from expiring sooner than she would have if we didn't have it. It was delivered promptly, and picked up when we were finished with it. It was a pretty slick deal! Highlty recommend.


Bill Lytle

1 year ago

Very convenient and professional


Patricia Zettel

1 year ago

The battery stayed charged and had lots to go after 7 hours at a street fair. Gino was kind and patient with convenient drop off and pick up.