Customer reviews

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Sandra Bergquist

1 year ago

Great experience


Stephen Grizey

1 year ago

Would not have been able to visit Las Vegas without your excellent service. You exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Thank you so much. Steve Grizey


Herbert Tesser

1 year ago

Just what we wanted. No problems.


Kimberly Cruz

1 year ago

The entire process was incredibly smooth. Customer service was great at getting back and their products definitely made my trip such a breeze.


Christina Meneses

1 year ago

Loved it!! Was so easy and convenient !!


Denise Petrycky

1 year ago

Absolutely loved the scooters. We thought they were the nicest scooters in the park! Compact and zippy! We’ll use Cloud of Goods on our next trip!


Lynna Honahan

1 year ago

Loved using your product, will highly recommend this to everyone. Thanks for your wonderful service !


Kerrie Sheaffer

1 year ago

great scooter great service


Ana Alatorre

1 year ago

Good choice !! I love not carri on my stroller from Mexico!


Keith Sontag

1 year ago

We rented a H.D. Scooter but battery didn't last any time at all...we were able to get around but needed to recharge multiple times each day.