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Denise Moczulewski

4 months ago

Las Vegas personnel were great; customer call center left much to be desired. When there is a problem, I prefer to talk to a person that speaks clearly. I could not communicate with the persons I had to work with.


Larry Hess

4 months ago

The product looked like and provided me mobility around Pier 39 that I couldn't get any other way... price was fair with delivery included. Phenomenal service and equipment.


Valerie Akinwande

4 months ago

Easy and efficient. My only complaint is that my coupon code never worked and I was told it was going to be fixed. Still waiting...


Sondra St. Romain

4 months ago

Awesome customer service


Nancy Macaluso

4 months ago

Great service-everything was terrific.


Wayne Suzuki

4 months ago

No one call me to set up a rendezvous with the pickup guy. Even the pickup guy was disappointed with C.Svc as he's received no call either.


Lawrence Wright

4 months ago

Excellent and easy...


Judith Cunningham

4 months ago

Vwrr happy with the service I get from Cloud of Goods. On time delivery and pick-up, friendly staff to work with by phone or chat, and reasonable prices.


James Bunker

4 months ago

One less thing to worry about traveling the equipment was delivered and picked up as was it supposed to be for a reusable price



4 months ago

Yes when we were having issues with the wheelchair the rep wanted us to wait 4 hours for a driver to show up to exchange it. We thought that was unreasonable. Other than that you were very prompt in bringing another chair to us. As it turns out the wheel chair feet are really not conducive to someone wearing a boot. My foot was constantly falling inward. It would be good to have something that has adjustable feet or something that can be locked in place.