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Reyna Arredondo

7 months ago

Very happy with the service


lior sikron

7 months ago

very good service


Rebecca Fuente

7 months ago

great service.


theodore morris

7 months ago

Scooter was awesome and was there when I checked in early at Hotel Zoe. No problems what so ever the 3 days i used it. The only suggestion i would make is maybe offering one that is portable for those that are going to various locations in town. We went to do a wine tour and go lucky that they have a wheel chair we could use there. Would totally rent from you guys again.


mackenzie neaton

7 months ago

Honestly, the most positive happy people.


Karen Sharkey

7 months ago

Wonderful experience. Great job. Loved the scooters


Gerrit Tarrach

7 months ago

Very easy order, great service, we had a lot of fun!


Jeffrey Fletcher

7 months ago

Item worked out great, Thank You!


Jolyn Smith

7 months ago

Good inexpensive service, and good customer service also very friendly people. will rent from them again....also drop off and pick up is a plus


Rebecca Jones

7 months ago

The only issue we had was the batteries would act like they were dying but the lights showed a full charge.