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Robert Kates

1 year ago

Service great, but the mobility scooter did not hold a charge very well. After less than a mile ride and maybe two hours sitting in a casino, had to ask casino staff to recharge it to get back to our condo. This was after an all night charge. Maybe the charge meter was not working accurately? Never the less, it did not stop working completely to strand us. This is a great rental service for mobility impaired people in the much walking required strip of Las Vegas. Thanks for the sevice


Lynea Diaz-Hagan

1 year ago

We rented a mobility scooter to see if it would help give our family more options and freedoms in day-to-day life. My mother can only comfortably walk about 1/2 a mile, so even though we live within longer walking distance of many things (including Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach), my partner and I end up driving or parking so that she can join us or leaving her at home. However, for the three days we rented the scooter from Cloud of Goods, it changed everything. We could all "walk" together, which is just healthier for me (I've walked a lot less since becoming my mother's caregiver) and more social for my mother (who didn't feel so daunted when I suggested going some place without the car). And, the service was great, smooth, and easy. The rental worked very well for us. We likely won't be renting again, because now we intend to buy. But, I am supremely grateful for the service -- it was affordable, convenient, and has given us the info we need to improve our lives. Thanks!


Felicida Ramos

1 year ago

Very nice service and light chaif.


Debbie myers

1 year ago

Awesome experience Thank you!!!


Susan Kowalski

1 year ago

My experience with Cloud of Goods was excellent! They communicated clearly when they would deliver the scooter - and delivered on time. Also checked in to make sure I was ready for them to pick it up before they sent someone out. Very professional team!


Mary Klaver

1 year ago

We had a perfect experience with Cloud of Goods. My wife recently ruptured her calf muscle, after we had booked our trip to NYC. Were it not for the motorized scooter rental, we would have been stuck in the hotel room all weekend!


Amanda Stodart-Hall

1 year ago

Great price and perfect sized mobility scooter for my Mum to use around the parks and also around the area we were staying. Thank you cloud of goods. Fabulous service


Raquel Lawrence

1 year ago

Service was amazing! Prompt delivery of quality equipment! Very polite staff when communicating! It was a lifesaver! I got to enjoy my trip with increased mobility! Thanks!


Chris Nelson

1 year ago

Second time I’ve rented from Cloud Of Goods. Delivery is always on time if not earlier, the convenience of having the chair delivered and picked up from the hotel awesome. Also appreciate the communication via text as to when the chair is delivered and confirming pick up. Very pleased with their service. Highly recommend!


Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

1 year ago

What a great service! Convenient, kind, no hassle.