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Nothing can seem more impossible or inconvenient than traveling with kids. That's why we here at Cloud of Goods are proud to rent car seats to families on the go with baby in tow. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing this safe and comfortable rear facing baby seat is waiting for you (and your bundle of joy) to use upon your arrival. No more worrying if your car seat from home will get damaged on plane rides or hauling around those clunky car seats and their heavy bases. Reserve your baby car seat rental to take your newborn or infant on his or her first family vacation without the hassle or inconvenience.


Traveling with a baby is no longer a chaotic logistical challenge new parents want to avoid all together. We rent the best, the most comfortable and the highest quality rear facing carseats that have been rigorously tested, fully certified, cleaned and properly stored between uses. Rent a Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat system from us to enjoy a convenient and hassle-free travel experience to any of your favorite destinations nationwide. No matter where you’re off to, this top-of-the-line baby carseat will help get your growing family there safely.


  • Rent Car Seat with Base: rent the entire two-piece baby travel system with car seat and base
  • Rear Facing for Babies: rear-facing position is important for babies 0 months to 2 years old
  • Height & Weight Limits: suitable for babies and infants shorter than 32” and under 30lbs
  • Clean, Safe & Sanitized: thoroughly cleaned after each use and stored in airtight plastic bag
  • 100% Safety Compliant: closely inspected after every use + we never rent expired car seats


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The process of rental and delivery was easy and seamless making the holidays worry-free! Thank you!

4 months ago


What a great and flexible service! We were thrilled with the convenience of being delivered a car seat after landing at the airport, and being able to have it picked up from a different location. Timely and professional! We were hopeful this service could be as good as it sounded... and it WAS! Will definitely use you again for our next trip.

4 years ago


The product was perfect, clean, and in great working order which is important when it comes to an infant car seat!

7 years ago

Frequently asked questions

The following info will help you clarify certain questions you have about renting Rear-facing infant car seat from Cloud of Goods.

Should I rent a car seat or bring my own?

Renting a car seat offers convenience and reduces the burden of carrying extra luggage, which is especially helpful when navigating through crowded airports or using public transportation. It's an ideal option for traveling families looking to minimize hassle and ensure that a clean, age-appropriate car seat is waiting for them upon arrival.

Are rental car seats safe?

We follow strict protocols for cleaning, sanitizing and inspecting our car seats for rent to make sure they’re clean, safe and guaranteed within their expiration date. Every baby car seat we lease is carefully inspected and professionally cleaned with non-toxic, chemical-free cleaner after every use.

How much are car seat rentals?

The cost of renting car seats can vary depending on the destination, availability and the duration of your rental. Use our convenient online booking system to compare rates, check availability and book your rear facing car seat rental. Just let us know where and when to deliver it.

Not what you are looking for? See other products