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Glenna Salsbury 1 year ago


You made everything so so easy!!! Delivery was on time and included the courtesy call on delivery time! The chair was perfect! Pickup was again on time and oh so easy!! We were overjoyed!


Barbara Frampton 1 year ago


Very good experience. Ryan was courteous and professional. Will use this company again.


Marianne Zeneg 1 year ago


The only complaint would be those bright lights staring at me while I'm trying to watch people and the road.


Katherine Befurt 1 year ago


Great service and having a scooter with my broken ankle is just what the doctor ordered!


Karen Armes Neilsen 1 year ago


The service was very good but the first day the battery only lasted 4 hours at Disneyland they. Chatdes it for me.


LADAN SOROUDI 1 year ago


Perfect delivery& pickup , scooter operation was perfect. Will be using your services again in the near future. Thank you cloud of goods.


Harold Armstrong 1 year ago


Make the horn louder! Barely audible!! Everything else was Very good. Thanks, Harold A.


Rosemary Klaas 1 year ago


Since I cannot walk long distances, this made my Vegas experience so much better. Easy to fold up and put into back of van. On next trip will make sure I rent another.


Rida Langley 1 year ago


Excellent customer support and coordination! Definitely use this service again.


Scott McLeod 1 year ago


Very pleased with the prompt drop off and pickup process. Have used them 3 times already and this will be my vendor of choice whenever I visit NYC.

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