Judith Cunningham 1 year ago


Cloud of Goods always delivers a quality item, in a timely manner. The Mobility Scooter is easy to use, and the battery lasts throughout the day and even into the night in the theme parks. Only the battery needs to be brought in to charge at night. We always rent from Cloud of Goods, and we're never disappointed with the product.


Lisa Velikis 1 year ago


Such a convenient easy process


Susan Ukura 1 year ago


Good communication!


Billie Barton 1 year ago


Excellent service! Very nice and informative drop off! Ty


Jamie Benton-Bartner 1 year ago


The scooter was fine the other one ran out of power to fast had to charge it


Marlene Caldes 1 year ago


Very good experience. Really enjoyed the service. Only draw back I had was scooter was not avaliable for pick up at Bell desk of hotel and that as the customer I had to make sure I was there in person to receive and drop of scooter, where other companies could leave scooter at Bell desk. Recommend making connection with fellow resorts to provide easy drop off and pick up for users. Otherwise scooter was great! Really enhanced my overall experience and rental process was very user friendly. You guys really saved the trip of us and really appreciate the service that was provided.


Patricia Foster 1 year ago


Great service, scooter in good shape.


Nancy Hsu 1 year ago


I was totally happy with the experience until the driver was an hour late picking up the car seats from me at the airport. I could have missed my flight if it wasn't delayed. Although the items were also dropped off late (outside the window), at least we were at a hotel.


Farrell Carraco 1 year ago


Really helped me have a better vacation. I have stage 4 cancer and my joints are getting very bad! Thanks again!


Althea Glover 1 year ago


Do you ever sell any of your scooters?