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Our extensive inventory makes us the preferred provider of equipment rental services in Hartford. Our product catalog is extensive, so we should be able to meet your needs. Reach out to us if you are in need of tool rentals, medical equipment, scooters, sports equipment, or baby gear

How to rent Scooter, Wheelchair, Stroller in Hartford?

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Add all the Hartford rental equipment to your shopping cart

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Fill out the checkout form with rental dates and Hartford delivery location

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Make the payment online to confirm your Hartford rental reservation

Delivery of rented equipment is available to any address in Hartford, Connecticut

Cloud of Goods has the most extensive delivery coverage in Hartford and provides rentals for a variety of equipment

  • Bushnell Park Carousel
  • Dunkin' Park
  • The Bushnell Performing Arts Center
  • Real Art Ways
  • Connecticut State Capitol
  • Hartford Stage
  • Elizabeth Park Conservancy
  • Bear's Smokehouse Barbecue

Enjoy easy delivery of rental equipment to any Hartford attraction with Cloud of Goods

You can rent anything right now, and we'll even bring it to the museums, amusement parks, and other attractions in Hartford, Connecticut

  • The Mark Twain House & Museum
  • Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
  • Connecticut Science Center
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
  • Connecticut Museum of Culture and History
  • Connecticut's Old State House

Cloud of Goods provides convenient equipment rentals in Hartford hotels, resorts, apartments, and Airbnbs

We deliver your Scooter rentals and more to all Hartford hotels, resorts, residences, and Airbnbs

  • Silas W Robbins House
  • Oakwood at Hartford 21
  • Hartford Haven
  • The Goodwin Hotel

Hartford, Connecticut, is the capital city of the state and holds a rich historical significance in American history. Situated along the Connecticut River, it's a vibrant city known for its blend of modernity and historical charm.

The city boasts a diverse cultural scene with various museums, theaters, and galleries. Institutions like the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, one of the oldest art museums in the U.S., offer an extensive collection of art spanning different periods. Hartford's downtown area is characterized by a mix of skyscrapers and historic buildings. The Connecticut State Capitol, an architectural gem designed by Richard Upjohn, stands proudly as a symbol of the city's governance.

The city also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating music, arts, and cultural diversity. Bushnell Park, one of the oldest public parks in the country, provides green space for recreational activities and community gatherings.  

Overall, Hartford encapsulates a blend of history, culture, and ongoing development, making it an intriguing destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Frequently asked questions by Cloud of Goods rental customers

What is Cloud of Goods Hartford Rentals?
Cloud of Goods Hartford is a part of, which is the biggest online rental item marketplace around the world. You can rent medical equipment, mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and scooters, strollers, car seats, sports equipment, and event gear. Quick rental delivery is our specialty; all you have to do is make your reservation online, and we deliver it to your address.
How much does it typically cost to rent a scooter in Hartford?
A number of variables, such as the time of year and the specific model, could impact the total cost of scooter rental. To choose the scooter that is most suitable for your rental requirements, visit the Cloud of Goods Checkout page. It will display rental dates and price data associated with delivery locations correctly.
What kind of wheelchairs can Cloiud of Goods Hartford rent me?
We really do have the best range of wheelchair rentals. Regular, lightweight, transport, pediatric, and bariatric wheelchairs are all available here.
What is the best party rental place in Hartford?
You can rent everything you need for your party or event in the Cloud of Goods party rentals section. All our equipment rental partners on the Cloud of Goods platform are pre-verified and have a good customer rating. 
Where can I read scooter rental reviews, wheelchair rental reviews, or medical equipment rental reviews for Cloud of Goods?
You can read thousands of Cloud of Goods customer reviews on TripAdvisor and Google reviews.
Does Hartford have electric scooters?
Yes, Hartford does have electric scooters. You have the option of renting a scooter from a local vendor like Cloud of Goods.
Is medical equipment available for rent at Cloud of Goods Hartford?
Yes. If you are in need of renting medical equipment in Hartford, Cloud of Goods provides the best solutions available. Our simplified method makes renting an electric-controlled walking scooter (ECVS), knee scooter, patient lift, hospital bed, oxygen tank holder, or any of our other essential medical equipment a snap.

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