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  • Small Hope Resort
  • West Side National Park
  • Crab Replenishment Reserve
  • Forfar Field Station
  • Andros Barrier Reef
  • Wild Hog Zone Andros Island

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  • Andros Water Sports
  • Kamalame Cay
  • Blue Holes National Park

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  • Small Hope Bay Lodge
  • Andros Island Beach Resort
  • Pine Island Resort
  • Kamalame Cay - Private Island & Residences
  • Dream Villas
  • Love At First Sight Hotel & Restaurant

Andros Town, the central settlement on Andros Island in The Bahamas, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and serene island life. As the largest island in The Bahamas, Andros is renowned for its unspoiled landscapes, extensive blue holes, and vibrant marine life. Andros Town serves as the gateway to these natural wonders, providing visitors with easy access to some of the island's most stunning features. The Andros Barrier Reef, the third-largest in the world, lies just offshore, making it a prime destination for diving, snorkeling, and marine exploration. 
The town itself exudes a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, characteristic of the island's small population and tight-knit community. Visitors can explore local crafts at the Androsia Batik Works factory, where colorful, hand-dyed fabrics are created using traditional methods. The town also hosts cultural events and festivals that celebrate Bahamian traditions, music, and cuisine, offering a glimpse into the island's rich cultural tapestry. The annual Crab Fest, for instance, attracts both locals and tourists with its lively mix of food, music, and cultural displays. 
Andros Town is also a hub for eco-tourism and outdoor adventures, with numerous opportunities for exploring the island's lush interior and unique ecosystems. Kayaking through the island's mangrove forests, birdwatching in the Andros West Side National Park, or hiking to the various blue holes are popular activities that showcase the island's biodiversity. Accommodations in Andros Town range from quaint guesthouses to eco-lodges, ensuring a comfortable stay while experiencing the natural splendor of Andros Island. With its combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and tranquil ambiance, Andros Town offers an authentic and captivating Bahamian experience.

Frequently asked questions by Cloud of Goods rental customers

What is Cloud of Goods Andros Town?
Cloud of Goods Andros Town is a division of that rents out top-notch equipment. Among the many items offered for online rental via Cloud of Goods Andros Town are scooters, medical equipment, sports equipment, and more. What our customers love most about working with us is how reliably and quickly we deliver the rental equipment to their chosen location.
Does Cloud of Goods Andros Town rent medical equipment?
Yes. You can rent a wide range of medical equipment from Cloud of Goods in Andros Town. Mobility aids, hospital beds, and patient lifts are all part of this category. We thoroughly sanitize the equipment before delivering it to your home. This ensures that you can use the medical equipment with confidence, free from concerns about potential pathogens.
How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Andros Town?
Andros Town scooter rental costs fluctuate with the seasons and the kind of scooter you choose. The rates are higher during peak seasons due to high demands. The checkout page shows a breakdown of the cost of renting a scooter.
What is the best party rental place in Andros Town?
You can rent everything you need for your party or event in the Cloud of Goods party rentals section. All our equipment rental partners on the Cloud of Goods platform are pre-verified and have a good customer rating. 
Where can I read scooter rental reviews, wheelchair rental reviews, or medical equipment rental reviews for Cloud of Goods?
You can read thousands of Cloud of Goods customer reviews on TripAdvisor and Google reviews.
Does Andros Town have electric scooters?
Yes, Andros Towndoes have electric scooters. You have the option of renting a scooter from a local vendor like Cloud of Goods.
What types of wheelchairs are available for rent?
Renting a wheelchair in Andros Town has never been easier than at Cloud of Goods. Our wheelchairs come in various styles and sizes, from the regular model to more specialized ones like lightweight or extra-wide. Affordable and conveniently delivered to your door, our wheelchair rental rates will meet your needs.

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