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Christie Felker 1 year ago


Wonderful service and gear!


Rachael LeCroy 1 year ago


Loved the speedy delivery. No hassle. I'd definitely use you again.


ivy koetitz 1 year ago


great customer service and guys who picked up&deliver are nice and scooter lasted for 2 days without charging!!!!excellent experience


Darcie Greenamyer 1 year ago


They where wonderful


Jennifer Cole 1 year ago


Great service. Great scooter with long battery life!


Joy Jimenez 1 year ago


This service was easy and great! Made pickup and delivery times based on my schedule which made the experience even better! Thank you Cloud of goods for making my moms vacation even better!


Elizabeth Frisby 1 year ago


The battery was charged all night but didn’t make it through the day at Disneyland. Otherwise great experience


Levi Veo 1 year ago


Great experience, clean stroller worked perfectly and drop off and pick up was stress free.


Chaya Mujahid 1 year ago


Great Price! Great Product!


George Valez 1 year ago


You show up right on time the driver was very nice, And helpful as he give me my wheelchair I could not walk and I very grateful you provide this service, God bless your company it truly was like walking on a cloud

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