Beach wheelchair rental in Long Island City

Beach wheelchair rental in Long Island City

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Physically-challenged people find a tough time moving around on the ground. Hence, it becomes doubly challenging to manage themselves on a beach. The regular wheelchairs that help them around the house and on land do not serve the purpose when it comes to navigating on the sand. You need a particular type of wheelchair, the beach wheelchair. As the usage will not be as frequent as a standard wheelchair, it is better to opt for beach wheelchair rental services.


The design of the beach wheelchair is different from conventional wheelchairs. The wheels present in the traditional wheelchair can prove useless on a beach. It requires a different setting altogether.

  • The wheels do not have spokes that can get stuck on the sand.
  • The wheels are flexible enough to move smoothly on the sand.
  • The wheelchair comes with inflatable tyres and side arms that enable the wheelchair to float on water, should the need arise.
  • The seating arrangement is more comfortable to allow the occupant to relax.
  • The wheelchair is robust enough to bear a weight of around 300 lbs.


About the product

  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel/electropolished
  • All tubing: 1.6mm (0.1”) wall thickness
  • 360-degree front swivel casters
  • 6mm (0.2”) drop nose pins secure frame
  • Adjustable leg rest/ padded hinge protectors
  • Anti-tip/brake bar
  • WheelEEZ® Low-pressure balloon wheels
  • Marine-grade acrylic canvas- mold/rot/salt water resistant & UV stable
  • Adjustable seating tension, to assist skin conditions.
  • Quick-release buckles facilitate seat removal for cleaning
  • Lap belt included
  • Additional thoracic/ anterior trunk/ seating and head support compatible.


Product specifications


Seat width | 460 mm (18.5”) to suit up to 450 mm (18”) hip width

Seat height | approx. 500 mm (19.75”)

Overall length | 1200 mm (47.25”) including footrest

Maximum width | 980 mm (38.75”)

Height from ground to top handles | 1020 mm (40.25”)

Weight assembled | 28 kg (62 lbs.)

Payload | 120 kg (264 lbs.)

Front | 2x WheelEEZ® Wheels 30 cm (11.8”) x 18 cm (7”) – WZ1-30UB

Rear | 2x WheelEEZ® Wheels 49 cm (19.3”) x 23 cm (9”) – WZ1-49UC

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Great service. It was a luxury to have the beach wheel chair for our little one. He was able to go to the beach and play in the water.

2 months ago

Frequently asked questions

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Does Cloud of Goods have Beach wheelchair rentals in Long Island City?

Yes. Beach wheelchair rentals in Long Island City available via Cloud of Goods. You can make a reservation and have your Beach wheelchair rental delivered to you in Long Island City

Where can I rent a Beach wheelchair in Long Island City?

Beach wheelchair rentals available via Cloud of Goods in Long Island City now. We have a range of Beach wheelchair rental models from popular brands to fit to your needs. Simply make a reservation online on and one of our local rental shop partners in Long Island City will meet you with your Long Island City Beach wheelchair rental.

How much does it cost to rent a Beach wheelchair in Long Island City?

Pricing depends on your Long Island City delivery location and many other factors. Best way to find the exact Beach wheelchair rental pricing in Long Island City is to add the Beach wheelchair model you want to online shopping cart and fill out the details on the checkout page to get a price quote for Beach wheelchair rental & delivery in Long Island City

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