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Missy L 4 years ago



There is no way we could have seen all we did without the wheel chair. They were also very accommodating when I asked if they could pick it up later in the day than originally planned.

Scott S 4 years ago



My wife and I were visiting San Francisco for the weekend, and needed a wheelchair in a pinch. And within 30 minutes I had the chair and everything was set!

Amy E 4 years ago



Amazing employees, first class service, pristine and perfect wheelchair delivery and rental.


Chris B 4 years ago

Mountain View


Could not have been easier or more convenient to work with! Thank you guys so much!


Carey R 4 years ago

San Francisco


I want to thank Stacy for making this one of the easiest parts of my dad's trip!!

Rebecca M 4 years ago

San Francisco


Thanks so much for making it incredibly easy to get a wheelchair on a Sunday at very short notice!

Gilad 4 years ago

Bellevue, Washington


We had a great experience with renting a car-seat for our daughter from Cloud of Goods. We will definitely be using the service again whenever we're in SF.

Sheldon 4 years ago

Ohio City


The service and attention were immediate and impeccable. My wife needed a wheelchair while we were vacationing in San Francisco and Cloud of Goods was simply a lifesaver.

Melanie 4 years ago

Novato, California


This service is so inexpensive and such a lifesaver, even for non-travelers like us who occasionally want to get our 93-year-old grandmother bopping around town in style.


Dan 4 years ago



Great service today! We had a cool time on the bikes! You have a good thing going there so good luck with it and thanks again for the great help!

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