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Deanna ODonnell

1 year ago

Perfect for my kids to use at dis year and take naps in. Def recommend!!


Kevin Forman

1 year ago

Love this service! Helped mom out a ton and made Vegas so much more manageable


Alicia Rosolak

1 year ago

Scooter hire was quick and easy, even though there was an issue with the initial scooter the change over went smoothly and worked in with us


Tonya Huffman

1 year ago

Cloud of Goods always has great strollers that are in good condition and are very clean. They are dependable and always on time! We use them every time we go to Disneyland!


Deborah Reid

1 year ago

Great job again!


brett allsop

1 year ago

First one was great the second one beat up


Angela Fricke

1 year ago

Our son is having major foot surgery in the next week. We already planned Disneyland prior to his feet problems. I had heard about this company from a Disneyland Facebook group. My son was able to enjoy Disneyland because of the wheelchair that this company provided. What a blessing to have them drop off the chair at the hotel and for them to pick it up there as well. The only thing I would have not rented was the cup holder. It would not hold any drinks and would spill all drinks because it would not tighten down. Other than that the chair and bag were perfect.


Florence Jenkins

1 year ago

It was great to be able to rent a scooter and have it delivered and picked up particularly since I had only called the night before I needed it. However, I thought the scooter itself was not in the best condition. It seemed a bit unstable.


Sheila Anguiano

1 year ago

It was a great and hassle free


Shirley J Walker

1 year ago

It was a big help to me thank you so much