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What if you could earn some extra income, while making a positive contribution to society? Sounds too good to be true? Then you’ve probably not heard of us: Cloud of Goods.

The largest rental marketplace on the planet, Cloud of Goods is an online platform for people to rent out mobility gear, baby gear, sports & outdoor gear and much more. With a vision to revolutionise not only the rental eCommerce industry but also the way people live and travel, we currently operate in over 100 cities across the USA and aim to expand our reach globally in the near future.

Our platform enables small home-based rental businesses reach an enormous customer-base and there are no set-up or fixed fees; all we take is a percentage from your rental income on each order. It really is that simple!

But that’s not all. While having a side hustle to make money, you would also be making a huge social impact. Gone are the days when parents have to lug their kid’s stroller all around the country. Grandparents can be taken on long trips without having to worry about how to fit their wheelchair in the car. That workaholic who has been dragged along on a trip doesn’t have to buy outdoor gear they’ll never use again. Our unique business model supports both sustainable consumption and the sharing economy, while also opening up so many possibilities for people to enjoy their lives.


Starting your rental business with Cloud of Goods

To start off, here’s what you will need:

  • Vacant space in your home or garage to store your equipment

  • A vehicle to use for deliveries. (A majority of rental products can be delivered using a car, so a van or truck is not necessarily needed.)

  • A willingness to deliver the rental products to the customer’s location and pick them up at the end of the rental period.

  • An idea of what kind of product you would like to rent.

  • $3K to $5K in cash to invest in the products you want to rent. (A small business loan may be an option for you.)

And here’s how to get the gears of your side hustle in motion:

  1. Register your business as a home-based business or LLC with the city. (This may be done online as well.)

  2. Apply to be a “Cloud Partner” with Cloud of Goods.

  3. Once your application to set-up a rental shop on the platform has been received by us, our Partner On-boarding Team will give you a call and talk you through setting up and using the platform.

  4. Buy your start-up inventory. You can expand your product offerings down the line, but here are some products we recommend you start with:

  1. Once you’ve tested out your products and you’re ready, let your Cloud of Goods On-boarding Team Member know and we will immediately activate your shop on

  2. Let the orders stream in and earn from your own side hustle at home!


Our passion is to improve the lives of others and that includes our valued Cloud Partners, so we would be honoured to support you on your journey towards your financial goals.

If you still have questions, our Cloud of Goods Partner On-boarding Team is always happy to help. Call us on 407-545-3103 or email