Rent hospital bed

Well-Maintained and Clean Hospital Bed Rentals. One of the most common types of medical equipment rentals is hospital beds. We have a large selection of hospital bed rentals at Cloud of Goods, and we rent those for both long and short periods. All of the hospital beds we have are made by the best manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team knows the smallest details of each patient's medical needs. So, we understand what features each client needs from their hospital bed. At Cloud of Goods, we understand the importance of keeping rental beds clean and sanitized after each client. Each hospital bed delivered is carefully cleaned and sanitized.

Hospital beds Rental FAQs

Will my insurance company cover the cost?
Most insurance companies cover hospital bed rentals, but they only cover the Basic Semi-Electric. On the other hand, many renters do not deal with any insurance companies for bed rentals. For example, higher-end beds would not be covered by any insurance company. All of our rental beds are pay-as-you-go. And this is also true for many reputable bed rentals throughout the country.
What is the procedure for same-day delivery?
All of our bed rentals are available for same-day delivery. Customers who need same-day delivery should contact us early in the day. This way, we can schedule the delivery for today and avoid any additional charges. 
What kinds of hospital beds can I rent?
Electric and non-electric hospital beds are the two major types. And the good news is that you can now rent beds from any category, though the prices may vary. A non-electric hospital bed, for example, is less expensive to rent than an electrical product.