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Last updated: December, 2023

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  • The lightweight mobility scooter rental in San Francisco is the best option if you plan to transport the scooter in your vehicle from attraction to attraction enjoying everything San Francisco has to offer. It comes apart into 3 pieces and can be transported in the trunk of most cars. Similar to Pride GOGO LX sport model or Drive Medical Scout model.

  • Heavy duty mobility scooter rental is our most popular scooter rental amongst the San Francisco visitors. We highly recommend renting the heavy duty mobility scooter if you are planning to be out and about all day. Similar to Pride mobility Victory 10 or Drive medical phoenix model.

  • This mobility scooter is our most comfortable and durable scooter type in San Francisco. It has the highest weight capacity and the largest driving range as well as most power amongst the scooter models we have available for rent in San Francisco. We carry Amigo, Pride, and Drive scooter rental models that fit this spec.

  • We partner with many electric kick scooter rental companies in San Francisco to bring you a reliable electric kick scooter rental for you to enjoy San Francisco navigating from place to place, attraction to attraction. Unlike the public escooter programs, we will have your San Francisco escooter rental delivered to you, so you do not have to worry about sanitation and other concerns.

San Francisco scooter rental prices

Product 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7 day 8 day 9 day 10 day Additional day
Lightweight Mobility Scooter $95 $135 $170 $190 $210 $230 $250 $270 $290 $305 $10
Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter $130 $155 $170 $200 $220 $240 $260 $285 $295 $310 $12
Extra Large Heavy Duty Scooter $160 $165 $195 $215 $225 $235 $245 $260 $265 $280 $15
Ultra Light Mobility Scooter $70 $95 $110 $145 $170 $190 $220 $230 $250 $270 $15

Customers love the Cloud of Goods San Francisco scooter rental experience

You will love the whole end to end scooter rental experience with Cloud of Goods San Francisco that will keep you coming back to rent everything you want. Cloud of goods got great reviews on TripAdvisor and Google.

  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods
  • San Francisco Customer - Cloud of Goods

"I rented the mobility scooter while in San Francisco at a conference. Entire staff was super helpful and friendly from the very first phone call. I highly recommend this company. Scooter was clean and worked well."

You will love the whole end to end scooter rental experience with Cloud of Goods San Francisco that will keep you coming back to rent everything you want. Cloud of goods got great reviews on TripAdvisor and Google.

Cloud of Goods can deliver your San Francisco scooter rental to any San Francisco attraction

Simply reserve your scooter rental now and our friendly San Francisco delivery partner will meet you with your scooter rental.

Cloud of Goods scooter rentals delivered to many San Francisco locations

We have the largest scooter rentals delivery coverage in San Francisco. The highest demand is for San Francisco scooter rentals.

How to rent a scooter in San Francisco with Cloud of Goods?

“The best scooter rental near you in San Francisco California through the large network of San Francisco scooter rental companies partnered with Cloud of Goods. Mobility scooter rentals, ECV rentals, moped scooter rentals, electric kick scooter rentals, knee scooter rentals & more available in San Francisco. Rent a scooter now and we'll deliver your San Francisco scooter rental to wherever you are in San Francisco.”

Reserve any scooter model you want and let us bring your scooter rental to San Francisco hotel, residence, or attraction

Step 1

Add low-priced scooter and accessories to your shopping cart

Step 2

Fill out the checkout form with rental dates and San Francisco delivery location

Step 3

Make the payment online to confirm your San Francisco rental reservation

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Explore San Francisco with Cloud of Goods

San Francisco, USA, is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. Home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and Alcatraz Island, this city is steeped in history and culture. The neighborhoods, from the chic and hip Mission District to the upscale Nob Hill, each offer a unique perspective to explore. Of course, the city is also home to numerous museums, theaters, and parks, providing no shortage of activities for its visitors.

For travelers in need of a mobility scooter, wheelchair, or stroller to explore the City by the Bay, Cloud of Goods has the solutions for you. With scooters that are easy to navigate and convenient to set up, Cloud of Goods rental service makes it easy to explore. Whether you’re visiting the Victorian homes of Haight-Ashbury, taking in the views along Lombard Street, or visiting the renowned Exploratorium science museum, you can do it all in comfort and ease with one of our scooters. With a Cloud of Goods scooter you can confidently explore the world-famous attractions of San Francisco and beyond.

5 reasons why getting a scooter rental from Cloud of Goods can help you navigate San Francisco

  1. Scooter rentals provide an easy and efficient way to get around San Francisco without needing to worry about car parking or public transportation.
  2. Scooters are more flexible than other modes of transportation, allowing people to make impromptu stops, take shortcuts and explore more of the city without taking a lot of time.
  3. Scooter rentals offer the opportunity to experience San Francisco’s famous hills without the hassle of carrying a heavy vehicle.
  4. Scooter rentals are an affordable option, making it easier for those on a budget to navigate the city.
  5. Scooters can be rented on demand, making them ideal for quick jaunts around the city.

Top 5 attractions in San Francisco that can be explored with a scooter rental

Fisherman’s Wharf: With a scooter rental from Cloud of Goods, visitors to Fisherman’s Wharf can easily traverse the length of the waterfront, stopping to check out the many attractions, shops, and restaurants at their own pace.


Alcatraz: Renting a scooter will give visitors the ability to explore historic Alcatraz Island efficiently, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the sights rather than worrying about conserving energy while they walk.

Golden Gate Park: A scooter rental from Cloud of Goods gives visitors to Golden Gate Park the opportunity to explore all the park has to offer, including its lakes, trails, and gardens, at their own pace and comfort level.

Chinatown: With a scooter rental from Cloud of Goods, visitors to Chinatown can conveniently explore the many temples, restaurants, and traditional stores that make up the neighborhood with ease and without tiring.

Muir Woods: Scooter rentals from Cloud of Goods will give visitors the ability to traverse Muir Woods’ iconic redwood groves without tiring, allowing them to better appreciate the beauty of the area’s natural wonders.

Frequently asked questions about scooter rentals by San Francisco customers

You can rent a scooter from Cloud of Goods in San Francisco with ease; simply visit the website, select the scooter of your choice, and then provide the necessary information to book the scooter.

Cloud of Goods offers a wide range of scooters designed to meet your needs; we have standard scooters for general use, lightweight scooters for greater mobility, and folding scooters for easy storage.

When you rent a scooter from Cloud of Goods, you can expect a fully charged battery, a safety helmet, and a reserved parking spot.

Cloud of Goods provides an in-depth guide on how to operate and use the scooter, as well as an on-site representative to answer all your questions.

Cloud of Goods offers an easy return system; simply bring the scooter back to the pick-up location and Cloud of Goods will take care of the rest.

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