SeaWorld Orlando Wheelchair Rental

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Guests with mobility needs who travel to Orlando often need to rent a wheelchair in order to navigate the parks. We provide wheelchair rentals at SeaWorld to help you get the best out of your SeaWorld experience.  Delivery and pickup of the wheelchair will be completely managed by us.  We can deliver to SeaWorld or nearby hotels. No deposits required, we trust that you will take good care of your wheelchair rental at SeaWorld. Check our wheelchair rentals >>

Does SeaWorld have wheelchairs for rent?

Yes, they do. And we verified this for the year 2023. SeaWorld has manual and lightweight wheelchairs for rent. They are designed for easy maneuverability throughout the park. These wheelchairs have a weight limit of 250lbs.  Reservations must be made before the day of the visit. They also provide Electric Scooter (ECV) Rentals. You can read more about their service on the official SeaWorld website. 

How much is a wheelchair rental at SeaWorld?

SeaWorld wheelchair rental cost is $45 per day. The cost was verified on 24th March 2023. An additional deposit of $50.00 will be charged. You will have to pay these costs for wheelchair rental at the time of rental pick up. It is refundable when the wheelchair is returned, which must be within the same day. Also, note that cancellations are non-refundable. You need to call 1-407-545-5550 to reserve the wheelchair. They do not have online reservations. However, if you rent from Cloud of Goods, you will pay way less and we do not charge a deposit. 

Cloud of Goods can deliver the following wheelchair models to SeaWorld. 

  1. Ultralight wheelchairs: Best for portability

  2. Standard wheelchair: Best for everyday use

  3. Extra-wide wheelchair: Ideal for heavy-duty use.

This is the best option to use if you plan on using the wheelchair for multiple days. And we offer cheaper pricing and do not charge a deposit. 

Reserve wheelchair rental online or call 415-621-9757 . We offer discounts for multi-day rentals if you plan on using the wheelchair at other Orlando attractions, place a multi-day booking. You can get an estimate of the cost in our checkout.  If you are looking for motorized wheelchair rental(also known as mobility scooters, handicap scooters) check our scooter rental page. 

Useful information, courtesy of Visit Orlando & Autism At The Park

  • Are pets Allowed: Yes
  • Hours of Operation: Varies by season. Please check before your visit
  • Length of Activity: Takes a full day
  • Stroller/Wheelchair Rental: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

How much is parking at SeaWorld Orlando?

Parking at SeaWorld costs $25. Preferred parking, which puts you closer to the entrance costs $35. Express Park Entry + Preferred Parking, which is the fastest way to enter the park will cost you $50. You can read more about it and buy tickets at the official SeaWorld parking passes. 

Does SeaWorld rent mobility scooters in Orlando?

Yes, they do! Mobility scooters are reserved for guests with conditions that affect their mobility. The recommended weight is 350 lbs. You must be at least 16 years old to rent an ECV. A valid photo ID is required. 

How much is a scooter rental in SeaWorld Orlando?

It costs $125 to rent a scooter at SeaWorld Orlando. The cost was verified for 2023. These are electric 4 wheel scooters. Third-party providers may provide it for less than $45. On top of being cheaper, they also offer multiple mobility scooter models (ECVs).