Rent Baby-Car-Seat

Car Seat Rentals for Your Child's Safety. Cloud of Goods provides a variety of car seat rental choices appropriate for babies and children. Save money on airline baggage fees and have our seats ready for you. In 52 major cities throughout the United States, we provide clean and insured car seats for traveling families and local grandparents entertaining grandkids. Prices per day range from infant car seats to adjustable car seats and booster seats.

Car seats Rental FAQs

Are the car seats rented brand new?
All car seat renters must purchase new car seats or rent ones that have not been damaged or involved in a car accident. All car safety seats have an expiration date and cannot be rented. After that date, or if they have been involved in one or more automobile accidents, the seats must be discarded.

Are car seats cleaned before and after renting?
Yes! All baby equipment, including car seats, is thoroughly cleaned. Because babies' immune systems are still growing, all reputable renters like us know that parents have a right to demand clean and sanitized car seats. After each pickup, car seats are checked and cleaned and then inspected and gently cleaned again before the next delivery. All of the cleaners used are either organic or non-toxic.