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Universal Studios can be a magical and memorable place for families to visit but getting around this popular theme park can be a doozy, especially if you’re visiting in the hot summer months with little ones who tire quickly or need naps throughout the day to stay tantrum-free. You might think the easy solution would be to bring along a stroller from home but the logistics of packing and hauling your own stroller are more of a hassle than dealing with cranky kids or a fussy baby. To make traveling with kiddos easier, your best bet is to book a Universal Studios stroller rental with us before you arrive into town. And to make renting a stroller with us a piece of cake, we’ve put together this helpful guide with tips, tricks and info we hope you find helpful when planning your trip or family vacation to Universal Studios.


Benefits of Universal Studios Stroller Rentals with Cloud of Goods

Although you can check a stroller at the airport, you will still need to tote it there and hope it arrives safely at your destination with all parts intact. But having one waiting for you when you land or delivered directly to your hotel is the easiest way to avoid logistical mishaps and prevent damage to your own stroller during flights. You won’t have to stand in those long lines to check your stroller, pay any extra baggage fees for it or worry about lugging it around an airport that’s already difficult to navigate. And when your trip to Universal Studios has come to an end and you’re ready to go home, we’ll come pick the stroller up straight from your hotel, at your AirBnb or at a designated airport terminal. Our convenient stroller rental delivery service ensures you won’t have to waste a single minute standing in lines, find room in your vehicle or stress over the possibility of missing your flight. The whole stroller rental process with us is simply a walk in the park, so to speak.

Should I bring a stroller to Universal Studios?

Based on our years of experience, we’ve found that many parents opt to rent a stroller to avoid having to transport their own through airports but some find it necessary to bring theirs from home. When deciding whether you should bring your stroller from home or rent one once you’ve arrived at Universal Studios, keep in mind that your decision could impact your itinerary in ways you might not expect. To make the best decision for you and your family, we suggest taking several factors into consideration before making up your mind, some being the convenience of a stroller rental, the cost to check a stroller at your airline’s baggage counter, the availability of room in your rented vehicle packed full of luggage and the chaos of traveling with young children who have to be carried because they can’t yet walk good on their own. 

Bringing Your Own Stroller from Home

This is an option for those traveling with babies or kids who are finicky or particular about where they sit or nap during outings. If your child has special needs or he/she just can’t be comfortable in a stroller other than the one you use at home, you might want to just go ahead and check it at the airport or pack it in your vehicle before heading into town. Just take into account that you’ll have to pay extra baggage fees to the airline when checking the stroller and/or make room for it in your rental car.

Renting Strollers from Universal Studios

This is a convenient option for some families as there are a number of stroller rental desks located at the entrance of each park. You’re able to rent a single stroller or double stroller once you get to the park, but you’ll have to carry your child and all of his or her belongings from the parking lot to the park’s entrance before you get to a rental desk. You’ll then also have to carry everything from the park back to the parking lot once you’ve exited and returned your rental. By waiting to rent a stroller at Universal Studios the day of your visit, you also run the risk of showing up only to find out all of the strollers have already been rented out for the day.

Renting Strollers from Cloud of Goods

This is the recommended option for park visitors who value convenience, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. We here at Cloud of Goods offer a whole fleet of high-quality strollers fully compliant with the park’s stroller rules and regulations, including both single strollers and dual wide double stroller models. An added benefit of renting with us is you’ll be able to enjoy delivery directly to your hotel or vacation rental. Booking rental strollers with Cloud of Goods works best for most families because they don't have to travel with a stroller but they also aren’t limited to only using the stroller when inside Universal Studios.

Check out our Universal Studios stroller rental options!

Is there stroller rental at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Park visitors are able to rent both single and double strollers on the grounds of Universal Studios Hollywood once they arrive. Available just inside the park, across from the Universal Studios store, these stroller rentals are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means they have a limited number of strollers for rent and once they’re all rented out, visitors will have to wait for strollers to be returned or get around the park without one. A problem you wouldn’t have to face when you rent your own stroller through Cloud of Goods.

How much does it cost to rent a stroller at Universal Studios?

The cost to rent a Universal Studios stroller can vary depending on whether you’ll be needing either a single or double stroller and the length of your visit. Single day stroller rentals at Universal Studios theme parks generally range between $55 and $75, whereas two day stroller rentals will run you between $60 and $80. We recommend calling the park you’re planning to visit ahead of time to check and verify rates for the date(s) you’ll be visiting. 

However if you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheaper price, then you have to look up an external vendor like Cloud of Goods where you can rent your stroller and use it the whole day either inside or outside the Universal studios. Cloud of Goods Single day stroller rentals at Universal Studios theme parks generally range between $50 and $60, whereas two day stroller rentals will run you between $55 and $65. 

Does Universal Orlando have stroller parking?

Yes, they sure do! Universal Studios Orlando has a number of stroller parking areas throughout their park, with at least one located at the entrance of each attraction. Be mindful that if your stroller is left unattended in a non-designated area for too long, a staff member will likely move it to the nearest designated area. 

Universal Studios Stroller Rental Tips

1. Mark Your Stroller or Take Steps to Secure It

Whether you bring your own or rent, be sure to make your stroller stand out and easy to identify. Sometimes employees move strollers, so you may have trouble finding it among a sea of similar strollers if that were the case. Consider tying a sweatshirt, a ribbon or a balloon on it to temporarily mark it in case you need to hunt for it later. We recommend taking a photo of your stroller before you park it. 

2. Plan Ahead for Event

Foot traffic can be heavy and challenging before and after seasonal events, such as fireworks or parades. Therefore, some areas of the park work better for stroller traffic than others. If you plan to visit during one of these events, showing up early could help you get a great spot where you're able to keep the stroller with you. Otherwise, if you know where you're going after the show, then consider parking it there ahead of time. 

3. Use Your Stroller for Storage

Strollers make the perfect portable carrier on wheels for merch, sweatshirts, diapers, snacks, water bottles, sunscreens, theme park souvenirs and lots more. They're better than a backpack or diaper bag and ideal for storing everything from blankets to bibs. Since Universal Studios is well-known for their thrill rides, you can even throw any loose articles of clothing into the stroller before hopping on.

4. Follow the Flow of Traffic

Navigating Universal Studios is demanding enough as an adult physically able to endure long hours of standing, but when you add a small child who can’t walk long distances and a stroller in the mix, it becomes even more of a challenge. Though there are no official rules set in stone, typically park visitors walk on the right side of the walkway, fairway, lane or “street” at theme parks such as Universal Studios. Remember to go with the flow of traffic rather than trying to swim upstream in crowds of people, especially when pushing a stroller. 

Is it a good idea to bring a backpack to Universal Studios?

Backpacks can be super helpful when visiting Universal Studios because they offer a place to store and carry everything from snacks and souvenirs to changes of clothing, drinks and other fun day necessities. However, all bags, backpacks, purses, packages and personal belongings are subject to X-ray and/or additional inspection prior to entering the grounds of Universal Studios. It’s important to also know that guests cannot bring backpacks, suitcases that have wheels, oversized bags or large purses onto their rides or into their attractions. There are single-use lockers available for guests who need a safe and secure place to store bags or backpacks before they enter attractions or board rides.

Ready to roll through Universal Studios without a hitch or hiccup? Browse our Universal Studios stroller rental options online, available 24/07, to book yours same day or ahead of time. Cleaned, inspected and sanitized between each use, our strollers are waiting for you where and when you need them. No fuss. No muss. And definitely no airport stroller struggles. Need assistance? Contact us via email at info@cloudofgoods.com or give us a call at 407-545-3103.