Meet our partner Judy Dallas

partner portrait of Judy Dallas - Cloud of Goods
  1. How did you start your rental business?
    • Two reasons. One, 8 years ago I was in very poor health, and had trouble walking.  My grandkids were graduating high school, and most graduations were at convention centers or large auditoriums.  The walk from the car to the seat was so painful, I often dreaded attending the biggest days of their and my lives, as they were the first generation of our to even graduate high school.    2 years ago I was working at an organization for senior citizens and folks with disabilities.  A friend of mine ask me to help a gentleman whose father had passed to help donate dad's things.  He had a scooter,  I bought it and put it in my garage.
    • The second reason,  A year later, I have a very close friend who is unable to travel due to very poor mobility I promised her I would take her on a girls trip.  She saw my Facebook post about a trip to Chicago and asks me to take her to Chicago.  We loaded up the scooter and went everywhere.  She was so happy and Free!  And when she posted her picture on FB she captioned it… The World is Mine!!    When I returned to work on Monday and was telling my co-workers and I said I should start a Scooter rental business, and one of my co-workers said…… Judy’s Scootys!  What a great idea and a star was born.
  2. What is a typical day like for you?
    • I am networking, promoting, and scouting out opportunities to provide services in my community.
  3. What have been some of your highlights in interactions with Borrowers?
    • I have a Mother and Daughter pair Mom is 81 and the daughter goes to the casino and stays with her.  Once Mom started renting scooters, the daughter was able to drop mom at the casino and go get her hair done.  I also have a friend who has COPD, he had a day of testing in a huge hospital, Check in on 2n floor, Xray on 4, breathing tests on 8 and because he had the scooter he was able to get around the hospital, and he was dependent on someone to push his wheelchair, and his test results were better because he was not stressed out about getting around the hospital. 
  4. When you are not working with us, how else do you spend your time?
    • I enjoy traveling, fishing,  and playing with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I also am an actor and stand-up comedian, and appeared in 3 films this year!  
  5. What motivates you to rent items to customers?
    • The bottom line is we at Judy's Scootys want to Empower You to Get Out and Live Your Best Life!This isn’t just a business; this is a ministry. Knowing that I am empowering people to get out and live their best lives.  Providing access, independence, and freedom.  This isn’t just for Seniors Mobility needs can be temporary such as recovering from surgery, injury or even an expectant mom.  Mobility can also be affected by medical conditions including Hypertension, Diabetes, MS, COPD, Arthritis, Asthma, Anxiety,  and too many others to name.  It can be difficult to participate in social engagement which can contribute to loneliness and depression. The bottom line is we at Judy's Scootys want to Empower You to Get Out and Live Your Best Life!


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