Meet our Partner Breana

Q&A with Cloud of Goods rental partner Breana - Cloud of Goods

Ever thought about starting your own rental business? Meet Breana. 

From the busy parent to the mobility-challenged, our partners are making a difference for people across the US. We are expanding and looking for partners. Here's one that's pretty cool.


Breana joined during the summer of 2021. We were just getting out of the pandemic shut down in California and her business boomed quickly. She delivers to all of Los Angeles and Orange counties. 

We sat down with her for a little Q&A. 

Q: What is a typical day like for you? 

A: I am a full time momma of two littles 4 and 2 but am also caring for a 1 year old while running my business. Most of our rentals through Cloud Of Goods are strollers for Disneyland! A typical day for us is long, lots of early mornings and late nights prepping and cleaning baby gear. 

Q: What have been some of your highlights in interactions with Borrowers? 

A: I love that our clients are extremely grateful for the service we provide. I love hearing that we saved their vacation or made it easier for them!

Q: How did you get into the rental industry? 

A: When I became a momma, I left my corporate job to become a full time mom and homeschool my kids. I have a brilliant daughter that asks the most amazing questions about our world and we discover the world together through books, adventures and other fun hands-on learning! 

Leaving the working world was a hard choice, but I am so grateful I did. I started renting baby gear to traveling families back in 2017 and have grown exponentially to the point where I am now. This summer, since we were already specialized in renting baby gear; joining Cloud of Goods was an easy yes! 

I may have to work harder and longer because I am working two full time jobs, but I am able to stay with my kids and give them ahead start in their love of learning. As a hobby, I also teach an outdoor early educational class. I help shape and develop little ones in the best classroom around; the outdoors! 

Q: If you could go back in time to when you first started doing rentals, what advice would you give to your younger self? 

A: Just be your authentic self and don’t stress about the little stuff. We are also renting to moms and dads, so most of the time they get it too. 

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