International Wheelchair Day - 2020

Man on wheelchair with granddaughter - Cloud of Goods

The international wheelchair day is on the 1st of March. In 2020, International Wheelchair Day aims to build awareness about conditions that limit personal mobility and the struggles wheelchair users face on their day to day lives. 

Facts about International Wheelchair Day 2020

  • Steve Wilkinson is the founder of International Wheelchair Day. It was founded in 2008
  • It was founded to provide a platform for wheelchair users to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair had on their lives
  • There are over 5.5 million wheelchair users in the USA, according to the census report. 


International Wheelchair Day 2020

What can cause a person to need a wheelchair for mobility? 

There are more than 8 million US citizens that have lower-body functional limitations. Usually, they would require a cane, crutches, walker or wheelchair to get around. Limitations to lower body functionality can happen due to multiple reasons. Few of them are, 

  • Injuries to legs or spine
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy


What should you do on International Wheelchair Day? 

Many people around the world need a wheelchair to get around and improve their quality of life, but because of financial reasons, they are unable to get one. See whether you can find someone like that and raise some funds to get them a wheelchair. 

Be aware of the daily struggles of a wheelchair user, be empathetic about their limitations. Help them out whenever you can. 

If you have friends or family that uses a wheelchair, let them know about wheelchair rental services like Cloud of Goods, which can help them rent a wheelchair when they travel