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Flying or driving into Southern California for a magical family vacation, field trip, holiday or special event at Disneyland? A fairy tale dreamland awaits you and your crew of kiddos! If you ask for advice from any parent, nanny or teacher who’s recently visited Disneyland with toddlers, babies or little kids tagging along, they’ll tell you that understanding the sheer scale of the park and its surrounding areas prior to your arrival is incredibly important if you want to make the most out of your visit. Be sure to pack your patience, bring plenty of snacks and sunscreen and start saving now because Disneyland vacations aren’t what anyone would think of as cheap. 

Within driving distance of both Los Angeles and San Diego, Disneyland Resort makes a wonderful vacation destination for adventure-seeking families. Located within Orange County in the town of Anaheim, CA, this iconic theme park is big enough to overwhelm even the most in-shape visitors eager to take in all of the sights, sounds and one-of-a-kind attractions that it has to offer. Not quite as large as Florida’s Disney World but much bigger than other theme parks, the Happiest Place on Earth spans a whole 100 acres. Exhausted just thinking about walking from one side to another? Oh boy, do we get it. 

Though enormous and spread out, Disneyland is actually fairly easy to navigate and move around. This is because the grounds are conveniently sectioned off into “lands'' that have specific themes, each offering its own unique set of rides, attractions, shows, events and dining experiences that cater to different age groups and particular interests. Experience the Indiana Jones Adventure or Jungle Cruise in Adventureland, head to Frontierland to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Mark Twain Riverboat, make your way to Fantasyland to explore Sleeping Beauty Castle or blast off into the galaxy on a Starspeeder in Tomorrowland. 

Every visit to California’s Disneyland should be jam-packed with joy, child-like wonder and memories that last a lifetime - not endless whining, toddler tantrums or little ones too tired to have any actual fun. With tons of exciting stuff to do, so much awesomeness to experience and so much to see without going into sensory overload, the parenting hack to conquering this expansive theme park with young children is preparedness. And it’ll come as no surprise that, due to how widespread the park’s “lands” are and how popular some attractions can be, you should expect to do a whole lot of walking and lots of standing in lines. 

What is the new stroller rule at Disneyland?

If you’re traveling with little ones whose tiny legs can’t quite keep up, the walking and standing will be especially of concern. The solution parents like you swear by? Have a stroller at your beck and call! But… here’s the thing, Disney parks don’t allow just any strollers to stroll on through their gates. They have strict rules and certain regulations regarding which strollers can enter their parks. According to their new stroller restrictions for the year 2024 and beyond, Disneyland does not allow stroller wagons and only strollers no larger than 31" in width and 52" in length are permitted inside. 


Guess what? You don’t have to worry about pulling out your measuring tape, checking those guidelines or bringing your bulky stroller from home. With our Disneyland stroller rentals, you can enjoy your Disney family vacation 100% stress-free! We’ll deliver a stroller that meets Disney’s news stroller rules directly to you and then pick it up when you’re done. You put all of your efforts into making every moment magical and capturing photos to remember your vacation by. Let us handle the drop-off and pick-up of your Disneyland stroller rental to make your outing easy. 


Why Rent a Stroller for Disneyland              

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Disneyland park stroller rentals are going to cost you a pretty penny. Based on current advertised rates, you'll have to fork up a whopping $18.00 per day to rent one single wide stroller or pay $36.00 per day to rent a Disneyland double stroller at kiosks located at the park’s entrance. That price is for one day only. Shocking, right? But with Cloud of Goods, you can rent a stroller for less and have it delivered directly to you. 

  • Convenience: A stroller will allow you to easily maneuver through crowds and stand in those long lines Disneyland is known for, ensuring your little munchkins remain safe, comfortable and less fatigued throughout the day. Renting strollers also does away with the need to bring your own from home, which is especially convenient if you’re flying in from out of town and wanting to travel light.  

  • Peace of Mind: Disneyland recently updated their stroller policy, leaving many parents confused about what’s allowed and what isn’t. But with Cloud of Goods, you don’t have to worry. We’ve double-checked dimensions to make sure we are transparent about which of our strollers for rent comply with Disney’s stroller requirements. 


What age do kids stop needing a stroller at Disney? 

Age Plays a Role. There's a lot of ground to cover when exploring and discovering the various lands of Disneyland, so if your child is 5 years old or younger, you'll definitely want to have a stroller rental booked ahead of time. If you're visiting Disneyland with a 6, 7 or 8-year-old, we advise taking the child's energy level and endurance into account when making your decision. Visiting with a kid 9 or older? You probably shouldn’t need a stroller, unless you want to use it for carrying Disneyland souvenirs, merch, water bottles, snacks, blankets and such. Since there will be at least 10-12 hours of walking and standing in a single day, having a reliable backup plan is essential, especially when tending to the comforts of kids.


Tips for Exploring Disneyland with a Stroller 

1. Keep your stroller in designated areas: When navigating Disneyland with a stroller, always be mindful of others and avoid blocking pathways or entrances with your stroller. Also, make sure you are aware of any signage that may indicate areas where strollers are prohibited. 

2. Tag your stroller so it’s easy to spot: Attaching a tag or ribbon to the frame or handle of your stroller makes locating it less of a hassle and reduces the chances of mistakenly strolling off with someone else’s (or them taking yours by accident). Choose something bright, colorful, unique and easy to ID among a sea of parked strollers that all look the same. 

3. Plan ahead for rest times: Disneyland can understandably be overwhelming for small children who tire easily, so plan accordingly. Make sure you take time to allow quick naps or snack breaks so that the tiniest park visitors can recharge for more adventures in between shows or attractions. 

4. Prepare for strolling after dark: Disneyland closes at 10:00 pm and sometimes even later for certain holidays or events throughout the year. So, if you plan on staying at the park until evening time once the sun has set, attach some battery-operated lights, a couple high-visibility reflectors or a few glow sticks to your stroller so that it’s easier for you and others to see in the dark. 


Tips for Parking and Caring for Your Stroller 

1. Locate Stroller Parking Areas: Disneyland has designated stroller parking areas near the entrances of most attractions within the park. Familiarize yourself with these locations and follow directions when cast members reorganize strollers to make room. 

2. Take a pic of your parked stroller: When you park your stroller outside of a shop, theater, restaurant or attraction, take a quick moment to snap a picture of it on your phone as a visual reminder of where you’ve parked it. If you happen to need help locating it after you’re done with the attraction, show or experience, you’ll have an image staff can use to better assist you. 

3. Never leave valuables unattended: When parking your stroller to ride a ride or walk through an attraction, check to make sure you don’t leave anything of value behind. These stroller parking areas are unsecured, which means it’s your responsibility to keep track of your things. We recommend using a backpack, fanny pack or crossbody bag to carry important belongings like phones, wallets, keys and tickets. 

4. Lock it down for added security: Consider packing a small bike lock to secure the stroller if you’re worried about leaving it unattended while you step away. Locking it up on busy days is especially a good idea because there will likely be tons of strollers parked in the same area that look just like yours. 

Stroller-Friendly Routes and Attractions  

Main Street USA: The entry point into Disneyland, this nostalgic area is perfectly suited for those visiting with strollers. Lined with all kinds of vintage-style stores to shop at and cute eateries to dine at, the wide avenue is super easy to navigate with or without a stroller. This is also where all of Disneyland’s parades take place!  

Pixar Pier: Though technically not in the perimeters of Disneyland, Pixar Pier is a stroller friendly zone located in the adjacent Disney California Adventure Park. It offers a wide boardwalk suitable for single or double strollers.  

The Disneyland Railroad: When you need a break from walking and standing, board the Disneyland Railroad for a scenic 18-minute tour around the park. The nice thing is you can board with your stroller at multiple stations throughout the park grounds.  

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Located in Critter Country, this ride takes you through the Hundred Acre Wood in a Honey Pot that's spacious and easy to access with a stroller.  

Tarzan's Treehouse: Located in Adventureland, this attraction offers an interactive area located at the base of the treehouse where kids can enter and explore. It also has a stroller parking zone conveniently at the entrance. 

Can I reserve a stroller ahead of time at Disney?

For moms and dads traveling with little ones prone to sudden mood swings, cranky behaviors without their routine naps or mid-day energy crashes, there’s nothing more disappointing than arriving at the park only to be given the unfortunate news that all of the strollers have already been rented for the day. Think you can just book a rental ahead of time? Think again. Since Disneyland doesn’t let you reserve and pay for stroller rentals online ahead of time, you run the risk of not having one if you don’t arrive at the park early enough. 

EVERY second counts! Rather than standing in one of those never-ending lines to rent a stroller once you get to Disneyland or worrying about missing out, book your stroller rental with us in advance to head right in without delay. We’ll deliver the stroller directly to your hotel or AirBnb to make things that much more convenient. 


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