Rear Basket rental in San Jose

Pricing depends on duration & destination.

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Cloud of Goods rear basket rentals aim to provide the most functionality to your scooter rental experience by providing you with the widest selection of scooter accessory rentals. Rear basket rentals unlock the maximum convenience for carrying your items during the scooter rental.


Here’s everything you need to know about renting this rear basket for mobility scooter rentals:


About the product

  • Designed to maximize carrying capacity.

  • Located behind the seat for convenience.


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Not quite what you’re looking for in San Jose? Check out these other products that might work:

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Pricing of Rear Basket in San Jose

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Reviews from customers who rented this in San Jose

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A very nice and knowledgeable guy. It was difficult to confirm with him where it would be dropped off. Once communication was established it went okay. The scooter died around 5 p.m. We used the charger and it indicated full charge (all green). It died again at 8 p.m. causing me to miss the fireworks with my family.

2 days ago


Jesse was very helpful and kind. EverytI spoke with was very accommodating. We will contact you again when we need a scooter

3 days ago


great scooter. allowed me to get around the hotel and mall. amazing battery life. didn’t even need to recharge it over the 4 days.

3 days ago


Rasha was amazing. My bike was dropped off in time for me to get around and enjoy my trip around Burbank. It made my trip even more special and smooth!

4 days ago


Outstanding Service

1 week ago

Frequently asked questions

The following info will help you clarify certain questions you have about renting Rear Basket from Cloud of Goods.

Does Cloud of Goods have Rear Basket rentals in San Jose?

Yes. Rear Basket rentals in San Jose available via Cloud of Goods. You can make a reservation and have your Rear Basket rental delivered to you in San Jose

Where can I rent a Rear Basket in San Jose?

Rear Basket rentals available via Cloud of Goods in San Jose now. We have a range of Rear Basket rental models from popular brands to fit to your needs. Simply make a reservation online on and one of our local rental shop partners in San Jose will meet you with your San Jose Rear Basket

How much does it cost to rent a Rear Basket in San Jose?

Pricing depends on your San Jose delivery location and many other factors. Best way to find the exact Rear Basket rental pricing in San Jose is to add the Rear Basket model you want to online shopping cart and fill out the details on the checkout page to get a price quote for Rear Basket rental & delivery in San Jose

Not what you are looking for in San Jose? See other products