Baby and Kids' Equipment Rentals for Hassle-Free Travelling. With 52 major cities across the U.S., we offer hygienic, high-quality baby and kids' equipment rentals so you can peacefully enjoy your stay while away from home. We have provided high-quality baby equipment rentals to every resort and hotel in every metropolitan region for years. We have a wide selection of baby and children's rental equipment at Cloud of Goods. For your peace of mind, all baby equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized before each use. Even if you're arranging a road trip with a young child, you should think about renting at least part of the required gear. You may not have space for that double stroller after stuffing all of your luggage into the trunk. That is why we provide same-day delivery for various baby and kids' equipment rentals, so you just have to carry your things. And your baby's items will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the hotel or resort.

Baby & kids Rental FAQs

Why do I rent my baby's equipment?
Traveling with a baby or preschooler is challenging enough without having to carry a crib, car seat, stroller, and everything else your child needs. Fewer things to lug along means less stress and more convenience for parents.
Does the rented equipment meet current safety standards?
Reputable renters like us have new and registered equipment. All products are approved and meet or exceed US Federal Safety requirements. If an item in our online store is recalled, we promptly and permanently remove it from use.
When does the baby equipment rental term start and end?
The rental period starts when the baby equipment is delivered. Unless you have extended the rental period or the items are not ready for pick up, the rental term expires on the date specified in the order. Items should be clear of food, debris, and diapers on the specified pick-up date.