Automatic Polaris slingshot rental in Austin

Pricing depends on duration & destination.

  • Automatic Polaris slingshot rental
  • Automatic transmission
  • Easy pickup and drop-off
  • You must be 25 years or older
  • A security deposit may be required

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The Polaris Slingshot is probably the best-known car for off-road leisure. Polaris also offers one of the most eye-catching and distinct machines on the market. For the out-of-the-ordinary enthusiast, the automatic Polaris Slingshot rental provides a unique and entertaining driving experience. Polaris's three-wheeled Slingshot is street legal across the United States and is an exciting way to enjoy a beautiful journey. Book an automatic Polaris rental and hit the road to experience the futuristic delights of the open-air roadster.

The Automatic Polaris Slingshot puts you closer to the road than almost any other vehicle with low-slung seats, no doors, and no roof.


  • Must be at least 25 years old and hold a valid driver's license.

  • Automatic transmission

  • For an extra fee, a 4-seater Stick Shift Slingshot and a 4-seater Automatic Slingshot are available.

  • No more than 275 pounds per seat.


Automatic Polaris Slingshot Specifications:


Engine Type: Prostar 2.0L 4 Cylinder

Peak Power: 178 HP @ 8,500 RPM

Peak Torque: 120 ft lbs @ 5,500 RPM

Curb Weight: 1,647 lb (747 kg)

Power to Weight Ratio: 9.3 lb/hp

Rev Limit (RPM): 8,500 RPM

Top Speed: Limited to 125 MPH


Automatic Polaris Slingshot Rentals FAQs


Why go with an automatic Polaris Slingshot rental?

Individuals who cannot use a manual transmission or prefer the ease and comfort of an automated vehicle can benefit from the automatic Slingshot Rental. So, if you like driving without having to change gears, this is your best option.


How old must I be to rent a slingshot?

The age limit is 25 years old. You will be able to rent it beyond the age of 25 if you meet other criteria. Children and the elderly should be cautioned when travelling with you, and kids under 10 aren’t permitted.


What do I need to bring?

We suggest wearing long trousers, closed-toe shoes, and a long-sleeve shirt or sweater to get the most out of your automatic Polaris Slingshot rental and ride. Helmets are needed for everyone. Helmets and goggles are available to borrow for the duration of your rental term.


Is there a security deposit required for Polaris Slingshot rentals?

There may be a $500 to $1500 credit/debit card authorization or a security deposit required at the time of pickup.

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Does Cloud of Goods have Automatic Polaris slingshot rentals in Austin?

Yes. Automatic Polaris slingshot rentals in Austin available via Cloud of Goods. You can make a reservation and have your Automatic Polaris slingshot rental delivered to you in Austin

Where can I rent a Automatic Polaris slingshot in Austin?

Automatic Polaris slingshot rentals available via Cloud of Goods in Austin now. We have a range of Automatic Polaris slingshot rental models from popular brands to fit to your needs. Simply make a reservation online on and one of our local rental shop partners in Austin will meet you with your Austin Automatic Polaris slingshot

How much does it cost to rent a Automatic Polaris slingshot in Austin?

Pricing depends on your Austin delivery location and many other factors. Best way to find the exact Automatic Polaris slingshot rental pricing in Austin is to add the Automatic Polaris slingshot model you want to online shopping cart and fill out the details on the checkout page to get a price quote for Automatic Polaris slingshot rental & delivery in Austin

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