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Koto Washi rental in Orlando - Cloud of Goods
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Orlando Koto Washi Rentals

Orlando Koto Washi Rentals

Pricing depends on duration & destination. Click

to see pricing.

  • Certified clean
  • Inspected between rentals
  • We deliver to you wherever you are
  • 2 Hour rush delivery available
  • We match anyone’s price


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KotoBike scooters are the most exciting thing to happen to personal travel in decades. It's an electric scooter so fun you'll want to explore outside every day.
Experience ultimate freedom with a more powerful, easy-to-ride scooter. Why settle for the mundane when you can RIDE Koto Washi!


About the product

  • Single seater
  • 3-speed control button 12mph, 18mph, and open 30mph
  • Weight capacity is 275 pounds

Note: Pick up your KotoBike from our local vendor once you've made your reservation, and when you're done with your tour, simply return it by the end of the rental period!


Rental requirements

  • You must have a valid driver's license
  • You must be at least 18 years of age


Product specifications

-Twist throttle
- Large LED display with battery life and speedometer
- Battery range 20 miles for 18 AH
- Single seater
- 3 speed control button 12mph, 18mph, and open 30mph
- Removable battery
- Remote start/alarm
- Loud alarm and horn
- Bright led headlight
- Brake light
- Front and rear turning signal
- Side mirrors
- Scooter weight 134 pounds with 18 AH battery
- Weight capacity is 275 pounds
- Dimension 76*15*34 inches


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Get an instant estimate based on your destination and rental dates.


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This was a complete life savor for our Disneyland trip. They made it so easy by delivering it to our hotel and picking it up. No hassle at all!!

2 years ago


Every time I rent from this place, it’s always great! I love everything about this company. The customer service is awesome, the products are amazing, and I love that I don’t have drag a stroller for my kids for every vacation. It makes things easier, and I will always rent from this place. :)

2 years ago


Great service. Easy to use. On time delivery and pickup. Would definitely use again!

2 years ago


Super easy and convenient and a great price! I would definitely rent from Cloud of Goods again.

2 years ago

This was the best decision we've ever made for traveling. ...the convenience and worry free delivery and pick up service can't be beat.

4 years ago

Frequently asked questions

The following info will help you clarify certain questions you have about renting Koto Washi from Cloud of Goods.

Does Cloud of Goods have Koto Washi rentals in Orlando?

Yes. Koto Washi rentals in Orlando available via Cloud of Goods. You can make a reservation and have your Koto Washi rental delivered to you in Orlando

Where can I rent a Koto Washi in Orlando?

Koto Washi rentals available via Cloud of Goods in Orlando now. We have a range of Koto Washi rental models from popular brands to fit to your needs. Simply make a reservation online on CloudofGoods.com and one of our local rental shop partners in Orlando will meet you with your Orlando Koto Washi rental.

How much does it cost to rent a Koto Washi in Orlando?

Pricing depends on your Orlando delivery location and many other factors. Best way to find the exact Koto Washi rental pricing in Orlando is to add the Koto Washi model you want to online shopping cart and fill out the details on the checkout page to get a price quote for Koto Washi rental & delivery in Orlando

Not what you are looking for? See other products

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